Pollution causes structural changes in brain by age eight


be exposed to air pollutants In womb and during the first eight and a half years Life span changes the structural connectivity of a child’s brain from month to month. Specifically, the greatest change occurs the more contamination is acquired. in the first five years. This has been revealed by a recent study published in the journal ‘environmental pollution’ and led by Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Center promoted by La Caixa Foundation. main innovation That’s exactly what the research is about: The effect of pollution on fetal brain structure during pregnancy was already known, but study identifies its effect even during the first years of the life of a boy or a girl. it is “vulnerability” from brain to pollution in childhood.

structural contact has existence white matter tract he connect different areas of the brain. constitutes a Markers of specific brain development. An unusual white matter microscopic structure has been linked to Mental Disorders Such as depressive symptoms, anxiety or autism spectrum disorders. This does not mean that pollution causes mental disorders, as the ISGlobal study did not observe these disorders. “We We do not see mental disorders directly. Yes, it has been observed that these structural changes in the brain can cause mental problems in people, but it is not a direct cause. This is still being investigated a lot,” clarifies the researcher. Monica Guxens.

In addition to this association, the study found . A link has also been found between Specific exposure to PM2.5 particles and the volume of the brain structure known as putamen, which is included in motor function in and learning process. The study found that, in particular, the greater the exposure to PM2.5 particles, first two years of life The greater the amount of putamen.

According to the first author of the study, Anne-Claire Binter, This study is “novel” because it “identifies” duration of sensitivity air pollution.” “We used a better time scale to consider exposure, given month-to-month data, when previous studies examined the trimester or childhood years of pregnancy. This is how we studied air pollution From conception to 8.5 years on a monthly basis,” Binter says.

3,500 Dutch minors

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study has been spent in a great group, because he followed 3,515 boys and girls from the Netherlands. To find out what air pollution they were exposed to, Daily levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter were estimated (PM2.5) where they lived to 8.5 years from conception. They were taken when they were 9 to 12 years old brain imaging Calculated using magnetic resonance imaging and different brain volumes and structural connectivity.

The NO2 and PM2.5 levels recorded in the study were higher than the current WHO recommendations (10 and 5 micrograms per cubic meter, respectively), but still met EU rules. ,Pollution is related to structural changes in the brain and may be related to some mental disorders. but we haven’t seen that it’s related Cohort from Netherlands”, Binter explains this to the newspaper. “It’s not so much a personal problem. -that is, it should not be a cause for concern for parents as well as countries, as it may indicate that it is necessary to reduce pollution levels even further. This is more of a public health problem than an individual one,” the researcher says.

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