Photo: They give up to 120 thousand who have a 20-peso bill, this number is repeated three times


market through Internet focused on special bills and coinsWith unique features, according to sellers, it is a practice that has grown over the past two years since the onset of the health crisis, where the act of buying and selling without physical contact was the best option.

So through platforms like free market It is common to find various publications in which copies of currency or paper money are offered with special and attractive features for lovers of numismatics, such as coins and related items such as banknotes, securities and even medallions. The collection is named

So you can sell collector’s ticket

On the Internet and on specialized sites, various pieces of banknotes and coins are offered or with special features, which may be Maximize your price Well, some products of this nature are for sale, so they come to offer up to 500 thousand pesos, as is the case with the 50-peso bill. Memorial,

Numerology is the collection of coins and banknotes. Photo: Special

There are various sites specialized in currency and paper currency trading; Some of them are “auction house”, “currency world” or virtual space. “All Collections”, among others. You can also find and offer your coins on pages like “Milanuccios”, “eBay” or “Abid”, although the most common platform, as we mentioned at the beginning, is Mercado Libre.

120,000. up to 20-peso bill

On this occasion, a user of the said platform with a yellow and white logo is selling a ticket, marking the end of the historic process of independence. Mexicowho belongs to the G family.

This distinctive model has attracted attention in social networks and the world of collections because it is a copy in which the number 7 is repeated in the folio number, something that is unusual in a series of matching banknotes. with the letter “aa”. Below we show you the photo of the quoted paper money and if you have a similar one, you can certainly sell it for the same price.


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photo | 400 thousand pesos that has this commemorative 20-peso bill, with some special

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