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In the past two years, interest in collecting banknotes and coins has increased (especially since the health crisis struck), the so-called collection money storage This has become a very popular practice in Mexico, where it is most common to collect coins and bills with special features.

If you are one of those people who are interested in starting this activity, or if you want to know how to keep the pieces in good condition to sell them, here we present the details. bank note What are collectors looking for? Some copies of paper money are out of date, others have a spec or a manufacturing error.

How to sell collector tickets?

Some of the most sought-after copies belong to a special or commemorative edition of a historical date in the country, however, others are new and are even characterized by the fact that they have never been in circulation. It is worth noting that due to the lack of tickets, their price may also increase and this is because bank of mexico Take some models out of circulation To use new designs.

Despite the fact that there are currently various sites on the Internet for placing this type of item for sale, there are also physical locations. Mexico City, Where there are people trained and expert in this subject, who can advise you to know the real value of your currency or interest bill.

Some of the recommended places to physically sell coins and bills are in the historic center of CDMX, which can be “Palma Coins and Medals” and “Numismática Carranza”, but it should be borne in mind that these businesses will not accept pieces of any kind, so you should find out the approximate value of the copy you have at the time of negotiation.

50 peso bill is worth up to 130 thousand

Now a new 50-peso bill with numbers AA6871511which is being offered through free market In 130 thousand pesos, however, its seller assured that Have paper money up to 500 thousand pesos Because it is in perfect condition, unregulated and hence it has indicated a high price.

It is worth noting that what adds to the value of this copy is precisely that its folio begins with the letters “AA”, which means that the bill is the first bill in its family to be printed with this design. , so if you have a model that makes this debut, you can definitely get it offered at a similar price.


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