photo | A tourist catches a strange completely transparent fish on a Tasmanian beach


The number of species present on the ocean floor can vary between 150,000 and 10 million, although the most moderate figures consider the possibility of one million. Of all these species, only about 250,000 are known, which means that about 70 percent unknown of the species living in of the ocean, Experts estimate that the probability of finding a new species in the same specimen is considered to be 80 percent.

It was the same possibility that led a woman Tasmanian Bruni shared his incredible discovery in the sand on the island, where he found fish completely transparent Which was stuck in a piece of seaweed. He stepped on her narrowly because it was almost impossible to imagine her.

“I was quite surprised to see a little look at itL”, he wrote on Facebook, noting that the only part of his body that could be clearly identified were his eyes, which were similar to those of the common fish, gray and gelatinous, he described.

She also expressed how strange she felt to see that there was practically nothing inside the fish’s body: “How is it transparent, where is the brain or anything inside?” She said, “I’m so confused but so enamored.”

It was biologists from Macquarie University who explained that the strange fish was actually a . was the larva of a type of eel That “hatches in the sea and is initially part of plankton”, these impressive creatures are “small, thin, flat and transparent and, as they approach the coast, they gradually change and expand more start, typical eel shape, and they turn green/brown,” he said via the Yahoo News platform.

and although he elaborated that it was strange that he found that species on said island, commented that it is probably normal because this sea animal has started displaced Also in rivers and streams and their presence becomes more and more common.

Two-faced and four-eyed monstrous two-headed fish caught in Chernobyl

A monstrous fish was caught in the waters of chernobyl, the city where the nuclear catastrophe occurred on April 26, 1986 at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, located in northern Ukraine. After the disaster, the city was engulfed in radiation that produced mutations in the environment.

Proof of this is the fish that quickly went viral on social networks, captured in all its splendor, where its mutation was observed. two heads two facesApart from four perfectly well formed and outlined eyes.

in front of a strange fish looks something like this

The fish started making netizens speculate with theories that in the water Chernobyl Lake It is still contaminated as a result of the radiation it has been exposed to for at least five years.

Scientific explanation of fish mutation

In this sense, Dr. Timothy Musso, a biologist at the University of South Carolina, assures that the pollution of the lake cannot be a factor in the development of the fish. genetic defectAs quoted by Daily Mail.

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