Petro draws up a declaration with Mexico to stop war in Ukraine: “Peace talks needed”


Gustavo Petro announced on Wednesday that he is working on a joint statement with Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador to stop the war in Ukraine. “Peace talks are needed. The period of conflict is increasing. We are not with any international aggression”, said the Colombian president in stage Latin America, the United States and Spain in the global economy, One Event organized by EL PAÍS and Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce in New York. The next day Petro participated in the program His shocking speech at the United Nations General AssemblyWhere he testified to the failure of the War on Drugs and the fight against climate change.

Since coming to power in August, he had not spoken deeply about the invasion. this time he did Joining Lopez Obrador’s Peace Project, which proposes a committee at the United Nations with a view to declaring war in Ukraine at least five years into the conflict. The idea, introduced in the middle of the Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian troops, provoked a complete rejection from Kyiv. An adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky said this would give Moscow time to renew reserves and launch a new offensive. “So this is a Russian plan,” he concluded.

Petro ignored the criticism and announced that he was in contact with the President of Mexico to promote the initiative. Interview by Jan Martinez AhrensoEL PAS The US director has said there are no “good or bad attacks”, with which he has refrained from directly condemning Russia. “It’s a battle for the planet that has received invasions in Guatemala, Panama, even as Colombia has lost part of its territory with outside invasions. Latin America doesn’t tour exactly the same way as Europe. Europe sees it differently”, he defended his position. And he has criticized the US once again for its international policy in the past: “Russian invasion of Ukraine is as bad as Iraq and Syria.”

The President of Colombia during the conversation.John Arredondo

Regarding the resistance he has faced during this month and a half in government, Petro recalls that Colombia has suffered greatly from sectarian violence. It is the responsibility of politicians not to create an atmosphere of violence with their statements. “We cannot give ourselves that luxury, from communalism to genocide. it’s dangerous. A ruler must be very careful in every word. The president has surrounded himself with ministers of various sensibilities, some of them from the conservative party. Former President Juan Manuel Santos said: EL PAS . in a recent interview with That the Petro government was well-oriented, though it lacked rigor and method, and to refine the narrative. “It’s not a homogeneous government, it’s a valid criticism because it doesn’t have a single narrative, it has diversity,” he said of it without wanting to fight hand-in-hand with Santos.

Petro arrived in New York with a strong message against America’s anti-drug policy: it has failed and should be reconsidered. He has told anyone who wants to listen to him, from the President of the United Nations to Congressmen, allies from other countries, businessmen, governors, directors of world organizations. His message to the General Assembly was A Latin American leader has pronounced one of the most powerful in the last decade. Tonight he’ll have the opportunity to pick it up at a dinner with Joe Biden himself at the Natural History Museum, whom he wants to persuade to transfer all the money earmarked for weapons and drug cartels’ persecution to the care of the Amazon jungle. The president will face resistance, as it is a policy deeply rooted in Washington, backed by agencies as powerful and influential as the DEA.

However, he has assured that he finds greater sensitivity of the US government in this regard. “There’s a more open mindset,” he said. His intention is to shift the direction of the discussion on medicines “towards a different axis, the climate crisis.” He recalled that along with the United States, the first military unit dedicated specifically to extinguishing fires in the Amazon forest has been created, with several black falcon That would have been used in the first internal war that Colombia has been fighting for more than 50 years. “I want to continue pulling that thread because it’s more positive dialogue than the misnamed war on drugs.”

In addition, he wanted to emphasize that with his statement before the United Nations he did not want to seek external enemies, nor did he want to avoid the responsibility that the country’s rulers have in their security jeopardy. . “Problems don’t just come from outside. They are the product of a mandarin economic elite. The prospects of being in New York cannot deviate us”, he said.

Gustavo Petro, arriving on stage in New York.
Gustavo Petro, arriving on stage in New York.John Arredondo

The President is convinced that it is time to achieve complete peace, as he calls for disarmament and submission to all armed actors in the country. Right now, he explained, there is no organization as big as Pablo Escobar in his day, but smaller cells that operate separately. “The names of all the organizations that are no longer enough, a maze, have sent letters to the government asking them to start negotiations. Their way is to negotiate legal benefits with the justice system to stop their activity.”

Arens wants to know the reasons why Petro has sought the mediation of Nicolas Maduro in negotiations with the ELN, the last active guerrilla in Colombia. He has responded that he follows the process where Santos left it, which itself had the support of Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil to disarm the FARC in 2016. “It played a positive role (Venezuela) which is not always recognized”, all over.

In a previous intervention at the same forum, Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Trade, Manuel Tovar, outlined the country’s values ​​when faced with economic challenges: sustainability, protection of the environment and respect for workers’ rights. These values, he said, have allowed the Central American country to change its model from the 1980s to a “sophisticated economy” dependent on tourism, which was hit hard by the pandemic and is now in the process of recovery (at 80%). by its calculations), but also goods like medical devices.

Tovar spoke of threats to the political stability of the countries around him (particularly Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, exiting their lands in the north) and his plans to continue working on relations with Spain and the United States. of while strengthened the peaceful commercial front through its exchanges with countries such as Ecuador. They also announced alliances with Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Fiji (“all countries like ours, on the front lines of climate change”) to reinforce joint values ​​and send a message to the international community: “It is possible for the environment.” Growing business out of hand with”.

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