Petra Martinez and Juan Margallo win National Theater Award


This year’s National Theater Award has been given to one of the most charismatic pair of actors on the Spanish scene, the one who Petra Martinez and Juan Marglow For half a century, both on stage and in real life. The fundamental axes of free theater stirred so much in the last years of Francoism and even in the first years of democracy, together they formed part of emblematic groups such as Tabano, El Boho or El Gaio Vallecano, until they founded the Euroc Company. Of. In the mid eighties. , a family cooperative with which he has worked with authors such as Dario Fo, Roberto Etide, Jorge Márquez or Margallo himself, who also usually serves as a director. In addition, she directed the first six editions of the Cádiz Ibero-American Theater Festival (1986–1992) and she has been victorious in film and television in recent years. same year She has won Goya for Best Leading Actress for his role in life was thatby David Martin de los Santos.

Juan Margallo began studying at the School of Dramatic Art in 1960 and soon thereafter was already working with Jose Luis Alonso, Jose Tamayo and Luis Escobar, the great directors of the time. At that time he also dropped out of the Estudio Theater in Madrid, led by William Layton and Miguel Nairos, where he met and fell in love with Petra Martínez. They became boyfriends, married in 1968, and have two children who followed in their footsteps: Olga is a director and Juan composes music and is a lighting and sound specialist. The same year of his marriage he founded Tabano, the most legendary of the independent theater groups in Madrid, with which he premiered in 1970. Castanet 70, A satirical show between the music magazine and the Bufo Theatre, which parodied Spain of the last years of the dictatorship, was first censored and then banned “for disturbing the public order”. in 1996 Marglow came to mount a sequel, Castanuella 90. National Anarchy, With Moncho Alpuente, “They cut us off a lot of things, including a piece of the lyrics to a song, but it was the reverse: when we got to that part, instead of singing, we hung out with the public shouting: ‘censorship’. Sometimes the audience understood things worse than we wanted to say, there was too much complexity between the stage and the stalls”, Marglow recalled with a laugh at the publication of his memoir in an interview with EL Pass in 2019 did. live on air,

During a performance of the play ‘La Madre Passota / Cosas’s Own’ in Seville in 2012.

In the late seventies, Martínez and Margallo left Tabano and joined other groups such as El Boho. Gayo VallecanoUntil the establishment of Euroc in 1985. Since then, with this “family cooperative”, as they call it, they have toured throughout Spain and most of Europe and Latin America, with productions reminiscent of classic repertoire such as altar of wonders (nineteen ninety six), Joker Quixote of La Mancha (1998) and sad figure (2005), inspired by the works of Cervantes, or Classiclos (Uncontrolled Theater Command) (1998), with verses from Calderón and Lope, as well as contemporary writers such as Dario Fo (open pair. very reserved (2001) and passing woman lonely woman (2005). Among his latest works are houses (2007), our words (2011), Chimp! (2015), Miss Donna Margarita (2021) and until alzheimer’s eats me up (2021).

The jury which awarded him the prize argued for his “coherence of his career”, his commitment to art and society through his creations and “without forgetting the inclusion of new forms and naturalistic tendencies in his works (…). His desire is highlighted. His academic work and theatrical broadcasts, always done with enormous professionalism, are not free from the sense of humor that pervades his works”.

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