PEP seeks more resources for investment in projects


Pemex Exploration & Production ,ExcitementCompared to this year, 11.1 percent more resources are requested for productive investment projects for 2023, according to the list of developments economic package,

For the next year, in the Federation Expenditure Budget project, the PEP has estimated an investment of 403 thousand 224 million pesos, up from 362 thousand 926 million this year.

In addition, the Mexican oil company concentrates 53 percent of its resources in 12 projects for the next year.

Overall, a subsidiary of mexican oil ,Pemex), with high investment spending, has 133 projects with resources allocated for 2023.

The Integral Ku-Malub-Zap project with 28 thousand 584 million pesos in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most important works, which includes pressure maintenance, infrastructure development and handling of extra heavy oil.

The oil company, headed by Octavio Romero Oropeza, expects to close this year with a production of one million 827 thousand barrels per day and for the next year it is expected to increase to one million 989 thousand units per day.


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