People run while doing CrossFit next to restaurant and those who eat food run away in fear: VIRAL VIDEO


insecurity and High crime rates in many countries, especially Latin Americanhas inspired people to always be on the lookout for what can happen and distrust the environment in which they regularly operate.

It is precisely this circumstance that drives them to react in unexpected ways. what they may come to identify as a threat to their safety, This is what happened to a group of diners BrazilJoe was dining at a restaurant when a group of CrossFit runners passed by, causing a stampede.

Events happened last Wednesday in a Bar in Boa Viagem, a neighborhood located in the south of the city of Recifeand was captured by the establishment’s security cameras. in the videoCitizens of one of the most vulnerable countries in which the degree of paranoia and alertness spread over social networks America,

restaurant stampede video viral on internet

in recording You can see at least 15 diners who are enjoying dinner on the terrace of the establishment When suddenly a group of CrossFit runners appeared on the sidewalk, however, the scene caused an alert among people who thought something serious had happened.

The moment in which the runners appear in the video. Photo: Special

As an immediate reaction, the diners stood up, fearing what might have happened at that time, because they assumed it was an attack, and they decided to flee the place in terrorWhich started a human rampage involving some of the restaurant’s waiters.

Customer response was of the athletes chasing and running away from the place. Photo: Special

The sharp reaction of the people was recorded in the security cameras of the place that, According to the Brazilian media “O’Tempo”, it is a Boa Viagem bar, Recife, a neighborhood located in the southern region of Brazil.

The situation turned into a stampede. Photo: Special

Seeing the group of athletes, the diners started looking in the opposite direction and got scared, He started running in the same direction as CrossFit runners, However, nothing really happened, it was just a sports square that regularly passed through that area.

Eventually the roof of the establishment became deserted. Photo: Special

the video was shared social network And, as expected, it went viral within hours; HeInternet users started sharing it and joking about the situation captured in the recording., Along with humorous responses, he also lamented the level of insecurity in the country, which can lead to situations experienced by bar customers.

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