Pedro Castillo met again with former Minister Iber Maraví at the Government Palace


This Thursday, the president peter castle met in the House of Pizarro with Iber Maraví Olarte, former Minister of Labor since July 29, 2021 until October 6 of that same year. He left his post as a result of the fall of the cabinet led by Guido Bellido.

According to the records of the Government Palace, Maraví went to the headquarters of the Executive Power at 7:14 pm, where he was received by the Secretary General of Palacio, Julio Palomino Duarte. Here he stayed for nearly three hours. However, the issues discussed at this meeting have not yet been disclosed.

This is the second date between Pedro Castillo and Maraví so far in September. As recalled, He went to the presidential headquarters on September 11, after the resignation of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Mackay from the Foreign Ministry.

Former ministers in the Palace

Iber Maraví was not the only former member of the Council of Ministers who was present at the Palace during the last day. In the morning hours, former Defense Minister José Gavidia also attended, who remained in a meeting with the head of state between 11:23 am and 1:32 pm

Likewise, Geiner Alvarado, former head of the Housing and Transport and Communications portfolios, entered the Government Palace at 1:51 p.m. After two hours of talks, Alvarado left at 3:46 p.m.

questioned attendees

All the former ministers who met with President Castillo this Thursday were questioned while they were in charge of their respective portfolios.

In the case of Iber Maraví, he was accused of having some participation in attacks committed by the subversive group Sendero Luminoso, in the Ayacucho region, between 1980 and 1981.

For his part, Gavidia, a few months after submitting his resignation, was under public scrutiny for the alleged improper use of a plane belonging to the Peruvian Navy for a trip to Huánuco with her daughters, as well as for the hiring of his wife in the Ministry of Production.

Meanwhile, the situation of Geiner Alvarado is more delicate, since he is being investigated by the Public Ministry for allegedly having taken part in a criminal organization allegedly led by President Pedro Castillo.

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