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Women no longer trust Pedro Sanchez with their votes more than other parties. There used to be more women than men in socialist suffrage (in contrast to what happens with United We Can), but the pro-PSOE bias among the female vote has been reduced. And according to polls, this has resulted in the replacement of Pablo Casado by Alberto Nez Feizu in the ranks of the PP.

Is the Prime Minister thinking about the reasons for this change?

Presumably, Sanchez wouldn’t have expected the pretty vote, as happened with Robert Redford in the novel – do you remember? Candidate (1972)?-. But given that he received such strong support from the female sex, he would like to know why he lost it along the way.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his speech at the Institutional Event on March 8

Emilio Naranjo / EFE

The question is… how much will it cost him to admit that the effect of the controversial so-called trans law he is so impatient to approve is not at all harmless in this discontent. Because feminism – the movement that fights for equality and against discrimination faced by women in the vast majority of society on the planet – is not slow to discover that transsexual people in a patriarchal and masculine society lack the necessary recognition and protection of this The real reason for the law, but giving carte blanche to activism Weird To transform your felt identity into legally registered sex. To want and say this, without further ado, will suffice.

Presumably, Sanchez wouldn’t expect pretty voting, but he would like to know why he’s lost support of the female sex.

If a man could self-determination as a woman, the legal confusion would be gone. Inequalities faced by women will be ignored and laws trying to correct them will be disabled. And all this without the possibility of raising a voice against it, unless the voice can afford the million-dollar fine set out in said law.

This investigation on feminism Heart – Ministry of Equality- The President has been condemned in front of Monclaw without raising an eyebrow in this regard. This being the case, it is not surprising that the movement seeks an alliance with the right. And it’s not even a problem that it rules. After all, feminism has the better fight against PP.

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