Pedrazzoli and García-Nieto collect credit for transporting 8TV signals via waves


SelnexSpanish technology company that pilots Tobias Martinezis having difficulty receiving payment for services provided to the television channel in recent months 8TVdriven by entrepreneurs Nicolas Pedrazolic You Borja García-Nieto,

The firm is in charge of what is called “Signal Transport” Through the airwaves, a service that makes it possible to transfer television content from where it is produced (studios and recording sets) to the antennas of homes.

debtor control

Industry sources have confirmed Global Chronicle That delay in payment of invoice are stable, which has forced the company to maintain tighter controls on accumulated debt to prevent this figure from becoming reprehensible. Today this figure outstanding payment has not exceeded one million eurosBut partly thanks to management that the group’s directors put constant pressure on the company that owns the television network to achieve a recovery of what has been liquidated.

This provider of networks is essential in the television business. “What do they do they leave unpaid bills And when Selnex warns that it may stop transporting the signal, they pay something to avoid the blackout”, explain the sector experts who need Pedrazzoli and García-Nieto to meet the payment at the required maturity. aware of difficulties.

Alert in CAC

accumulated offense This doesn’t jeopardize the viability of the chain yet, but if it grows it could pose a serious problem for its promoters, it commented among the rest of the competing chains. In fact, if it wasn’t Selnex who disconnected the signal due to non-payment of their service, it could be Selnex itself Audiovisual Council of Catalonia (CAC) who decided to suspend the channel’s concession due to complaints about 8TV’s comparison with the rest of the television channels, which also broadcast their signal in Catalonia. digital terrestrial television, The CAC is the regulatory body for radio and television in Catalonia.

Company of two controversial directors acquired Godo Group The so-called multiplex which allows the transmission of four television channels. one of them has been rented FC Barcelona for the emission of Barca TV. While the multiplex was owned by the Godo family, the signal transport services were paid for, an issue that has since changed under the control of the new owners. Delays were increasing and the provider was forced to constantly warn of the possibility that the signal would go black if contractual obligations were not met.

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