Patricia Gomi, Secretary General Education


Justice of the High Court of Catalonia (TSJC, The resources offered by the government have been depleted And it agrees with two of the 27 schools that implemented the 25% Spanish percentage set by law, along with families that provided it through judicial means. Despite this setback – which reveals the decision of consultant Josep Gonzalez-Cambre a. repeat like The mantra that schools do not have to respect Castilian rule and to assure its directors that they are free from liability— Education Incharge has not appeared,

This was done in his place by the Secretary General of the Department, Patricia Goma, who announced that the government he’ll stick to his guns And it will continue with the intention of reversing the position of students who are in favor of a final decision favoring bilingualism. As if that was not enough, Gomo refers to the Catalan High Court order as “political filming,

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