Patricia Chirinos points out that the complaint against her for Elvis Vergara is a “political revenge”


The congresswoman from Country advances, Patricia Chirinosargued that the recent constitutional complaint which was filed by the parliamentarian of Popular Action, Elvis Vergara, before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations (SAC) It is part of a “political revenge”.

According to the legislator, the latter is due to the fact that she also filed a complaint with the COAT to the group of action-populist congressmen Syndicated as ‘The Children’: Raúl Doroteo, Juan Carlos Mori, Jorge Luis Flores, Darwin Spinoza, Ilich López and Elvis Vergara.

“I think that this constitutional accusation that they have brought against me, plus the complaint in Ethics, they are simply part of a political revenge because I have been the only congresswoman who has constitutionally accused them before the subcommittee because of what the lady said effective collaborator, Karelim López. Supposedly, they have traded their votes by protecting peter castle in exchange for works in their regions”, he told the media.

In that sense, Chirinos Venegas She maintained that the accusation that she has made cannot be compared with the one filed against her because the six parliamentarians “are accused of corruption.” “It is simply a response to the direct attacks that I am giving them,” she added.

They seek to disqualify Patricia Chirinos for 10 years

last wednesday, Elvis Vergara made the accusation against Patricia Chirinoswhich is signed by Raul Doroteo. This seeks that the congresswoman be disqualified from exercising public office for 10 years for allegedly having broken electoral neutrality.

In the document, Vergara cited the video presented by the legislator Hamlet Echevarría before the Plenary in which he is shown Chirinos Venegas issue comments in favor of the candidates Cluber Aliaga and Angelica Riosboth from Avanza País.

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