Partner of Lewis Wing fumes at Reading’s issues as ex-players slam the EFL and Dai Yongge – Fan Banter

Yazmine Delarose, the partner of Reading’s Lewis Wing, fumes at Reading’s issues as ex-players slam the EFL and Dai Yongge.

Wing, who signed for the Royals from Wycombe during the summer had had the most successful season of his career. But unfortunately, the entire season has been marred by various off-field issued, including points deductions and transfer embargoes.

To add to the turmoil, the club has recently sold their Bearwood training ground back to Wing’s former club, Wycombe Wanderers.

Clearly frustrated with the situation, his partner Yazmine Delarose expressed discontent with the club’s ownership on social media.

“I’m the partner of one of the current Reading players & this is what I wake up thinking everyday,” she tweeted. “My family and I joined Reading with the excitement of being able to finally settle down and be a part of a family club with an exciting future. It’s been based on lies since day one.”

The EFL was also criticised, adding: “I’m sure you all enjoyed your comfy board meeting sipping coffee and having biscuits while players, players families, employees and fans are in utter distress and worry for the future! After have played a part in this scandal EFL after accepting him to be a club owner!”

Meanwhile, former Reading striker Kevin Doyle hit out at the EFL and Dai Yongge, saying: “This is a disgrace, Reading FC is being sold for parts, some fit and proper owners test that was EFL.”

Yakou Meite said: “So sad to see what is happening at Reading. I really hope that everything will be resolved soon, all the fans and people working there don’t deserve that. Always a royal.”

Tom McIntyre wrote: “What an absolutely shocking decision! Nothing short of a disgrace.”

Pundit Carlton Palmer said via Football League World: “Reading, who are five points outside of relegation from League One, have reportedly decided to sell their training ground, Bearwood, to their near rivals Wycombe Wanderers.

“What I can’t understand, this has now put off any prospective buyers which is disastrous for Reading and their supporters.

“I understand the problem is that if they couldn’t meet the shortfall that they’re due then they were due more points deductions.

“So he was open to selling the training ground and now he’s about to sell it, and all the parties that were interested – including Leo Rifkind – have said that they’re no longer interested in buying the football club.

William Storey, who was said to be interested in buying the Royals, tweeted: “Bearwood Park is a fantastic facility.

“Given the significant previous investment by Dai Yongge it seems a tragedy for the club that this jewel of a training ground is to be sold.

“The whole situation is a fiasco. Hopefully for the fans a renaissance is not far away.”

Reading based band, The Amazons said: “‘Disgrace’ is a word overused in the football discourse but here it feels painfully apt.

“Selling off one of our few remaining assets to a local rival.

“After years + £millions of investment?!

“Hindering our chances of being bought Destroying our chance of a future Disgrace.”

On Friday evening, hundreds of Reading fans turned up for a protest at Wycombe’s Adams Park.

A statement released by Sell Before We Dai reads: “The deal is not done yet, there is still time for the Dais, Pang and Couhigs to do the right thing and stop it.

“In parallel we, with STAR, will explore every option, including forced administration if necessary, to prevent this deal from going through.

“This asset stripping has already deterred potential investors. The previous that the club would be sold as one package has been broken and means we must continue to make a noise.”

Twitter users reacted as Yazmine Delarose, the partner of Reading’s Lewis Wing, fumes at Reading’s issues as ex-players slam the EFL and Dai Yongge.

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