‘Papers, Please’ Acclaimed Game About Being a Customs Inspector, Comes to iPhone and Android


Nine years after its original publication, papers please It’s still a unique game. Created by American designer Lucas Pope, this original simulator puts the player in the shoes of an immigration inspector in a dystopian communist republic. For a few hours it has a version for iPhone and Android mobiles.

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In charge of border control, the game’s mechanics include reviewing passports, permits and other bureaucratic documents to decide whether or not individual people are allowed (or not) to visit the fictional country of Arstotzka. With this basic premise, one of the most influential and award-winning games of the last decade is presented.

The mobile version fully adapts the interface of the original title to be playable in this new format. In fact, its own creator announced the difficulty of the adaptation. papers please to mobiles. A few years later, this version is a reality and, perhaps, will allow many more people to access this original offer.

Lucas Pope has given an important information through his Twitter account. people who already have iPad version of the game You can claim free iPhone games.

Screenshot of the mobile version of 'Papers, Please'

Screenshot of the mobile version of ‘Papers, Please’

At first it seems like a boring simulator in which all you have to do is check whether the border crossing papers are in order, there is much more to it than it actually is. It quickly becomes a dramatic tale of a man suffering from the rigors of the system, but also a satirical vision of a world dominated by an inhuman and corrupt bureaucracy.

“It’s a customs game that puts us in the place of a bureaucrat rather than a spy.” with these words defined a few years ago papers please Josue Monchan, screenwriter, video game translator and one of the people responsible for localizing the game in Spanish. “The way it plays and tells its stories, which has hitherto been removed from cinema, shows that video games are becoming the new artistic avant-garde, moving away from killer-assassin and candy moving to personal projects. Games”, he said in a statement to this newspaper.

'Papers, Please' is played from the perspective of an immigration inspector, who must review the documentation of everyone wishing to cross the border.

‘Papers, Please’ is played from the perspective of an immigration inspector, who must review the documentation of everyone wishing to cross the border.


arrival of papers please Mobile is a new opportunity to immerse yourself in a work that best exemplifies the narrative potential of video games. This is a real necessity that everyone should try.

papers please It starts as a premium app on iPhone and Android (costs €5.49), which guarantees a gaming experience without ads or retention mechanisms.

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