Pant and Gilchrist ‘a bit of the same’ but still too early to compare, says Ponting


ricky ponting feel Rishabh pantsAdam Gilchrist’s aggressive approach on the pitch is similar to how the great Adam Gilchrist played, but comparisons between the two can only be made after the Indian plays at least 50-60 Tests.

The 24-year-old Pant has often been compared to Gilchrist, both of whom are left-handers, due to his batting strikingly similar to that of the Australian legend.

“Yes, [they are] little the same. I know Rishabh really burst onto the scene, but let’s first let him play his 50-60 Test matches before we start drawing comparisons to one of the greatest batsmen of all time,” Ponting told ‘The ICC Review’.

Gilchrist has played 96 Tests, scoring 5,570 runs at an average of 47.6. He also represented his country in 287 ODIs, amassing 9619 runs in 35.89. While Pant has represented India in 28 Tests, 23 ODIs and 41 T20Is.

“But if you think about their personalities, Rishabh is much more outward, much louder, much louder and ultra-competitive.

“Gilly was also ultra-competitive, but much quieter and more reserved, until he got his bat in hand and then he became exactly the same as Rishabh.”

While Ponting played and captained Gilchrist, he also worked closely with Pant, whom he coached during his time in the Delhi capitals.

The World Cup-winning skipper recalled an anecdote from his playing days with Gilchrist.

“You couldn’t try to tell him [Gilchrist] How to play. I remember having a conversation with him at the end of a test match at SCG against Pakistan.

“He and I were batting so we must have been four or five down, maybe there were only three overs left on the day, of which Danish Kaneria had to bowl two of them, and he was bowling around the wicket to Gilly in the big tracks. . with a long and deep medium wicket.

“So I went up to him and said, ‘Look, let’s finish tonight, we’ve got a beautiful batting day tomorrow, this wicket is going to be good. There’s a new ball around the corner, so just pass it.’

“On the next ball, he ran down the wicket, landed in the foot print and hit it over Long-On’s head for six, and I thought, ‘Well, never mind. It’s not good for me to talk to him because he’s not listening.’

Ponting feels that Pant, who has a penchant for chasing down bowlers regardless of the situation, will turn out the same way.

“Rishabh will be exactly the same. If you look at Rishabh, I’m not sure how many hundreds of proof he has, but he’s got some 90 in there. And he actually he came out trying to up the hundred on him with a six. That’s the good and the bad, right?

Shaw and Gaikwad exciting talents

Having been a part of the IPL for a number of years, Ponting has been eyeing the young Indian talent.

“I held on to one at Delhi Capitals this year, one of our retained players is prithvi shawfrom whom we saw absolute brilliance during the IPL season last year,” said Ponting.

“I still think he’s learning a lot about himself as a person and learning a lot about himself as a player. I’m not sure I’ve seen many better ones to be totally honest.”

Ponting is also impressed by Chennai Super Kings batsman Ruturaj Gaikwad.

“The other one that I thought was absolutely outstanding and I have only seen him in T20 cricket but that is Ruturaj Gaikwad from Chennai Super Kings.

“Everyone knew he was a good player, more of a technically correct player, but at the end of the IPL, he was doing amazing things.

“He’s someone who I’m sure will play all three formats for India for years to come.”


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