Palencia’s ‘flat’: tourism with ‘pay’


The Diputación de Palencia has announced today ‘Tourism with Pay’, Brand new to value and promote the resources of the province, aiming to achieve a “modern and interesting” visual structure New phase for promotion and dissemination of tourismOne.

It’s a “new idea” tourism and author, real, identity and with personality«, which was presented during the ‘Planazzo’, an event held in the courtyard of the Provincial Palace.

It is based on the vision of tourism transformation strategy and comes to comply with the vision of 2020-2025 tourism promotion guidelines of the provincial institute. All this is aimed at further progress in the presentation of the tourist product of Palencia and PTo attract our potential visitors.

The provincial body’s president, Engels Armisen, explained that, after several tests, sketches, and exploring various paths and concepts, it was decided to accept and contribute to the brand’s fictional “expression that has been so frequently used every day.” Has to be repeated. They ask us about our origin from Palencia and we always answer it Pelesia Pe».

With “tourism with pay” begins a long way of physical and spiritual possibilities and propositions, to get closer to the diversity and infinite resources of our province, to the brand and its meaning, to our region and the people who live in it, Armison has clarified.

He also called upon the people present to Ambassador of Palencia. “Every time you’ve said no, it’s with Pelenia, I believe you’ve talked about the reasons our province deserves to be visited,” she said.

modern and fresh logo

Thus, brand a. is made of Modern, current, fresh logo with your identity, In which the ‘pay’ of Palencia stands out, because the province is home to many of those values, which one seeks and thinks before traveling, that it is a place to stop, where to get lost, where to find peace, he He has told where to enjoy the landscape and walking and where people are happy to have a traveler.

Through ‘pay’, which is given «Very visual, geometric and functional artistic typography»Like the groove that runs through the province from north to south and south to north, an “open, welcoming path opens up, an invitation to discover and rediscover everything Palencia has to offer.”

For color, a particular color spectrum is assigned, which relates to Tierra de Campos and Cerrato . golden summer day inThe pure and intense green of the Palentina Mountains, the blue of the sky in spring at Vega, Valdavia, blending with Boedo or Ojeda, or anthracite grey, evokes a mining past.

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