PACIC has not delivered results, market is not controlled with good intentions: ANPEC


In an interview with Javier Alatore for El Heraldo Radio, Cuoutémoc RivieraThe president of the National Alliance of Small Traders commented that there are many factors that affect the price of tortillas, such as the cost of electricity and gas.

Furthermore, he stressed that in the winter season, the price of gas rises significantly, as there is more demand.

“The market is not regulated with good intentions or declarations or abstract positions, demand is a concrete matter and it determines it,” he said.

He said that in September 2021, value of Prashant’s 24 Products This . was from 949 pesos, However, in May 2022 its price is 985 pesos, and in September its value is 1,061, that is, it has not achieved its target and the price of these products continues to rise.

“Next Monday, the President announced that he invited the majority of Modern Channel traders to announce whether pacific 2, We are expecting a lot, but we have already said it endlessly that they do not clearly determine what products and types of presentations are being talked about”.

He added that the price of a tortilla is influenced by factors such as electricity or gas. Photo: Special

He pointed out that national prices are not uniform, that is, they vary from unit to unit.

“The market is huge, very diverse and complex and it is not easy to represent strategy against famineThere is no minor issue, and what has been tried so far has not worked”, he added,

In that sense, what the finance ministry has presented should be considered in terms of security, taxation, purchasing power.

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