Over 40,000 UK railway workers will go on strike on 8 October in the absence of British government proposals


15 British railway companies and rail operator Network Rail will have more than 40,000 employees strike on 8 october To claim wage hike against the cost of living crisis, the RMT transport union announced on Thursday.

unemployment rises Others who have already been called by Sector 1 and 5 October, Rail transport was already hit by a wave of strikes later this summer that paralyzed a large section of trains across the United Kingdom for several days.

RMT union general secretary Mick Lynch hailed as a positive sign that the new transport minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who took office two weeks ago, met with workers’ representatives. Former minister refuses to mediate in labor dispute

“We welcome it more positive strategy by the governmentIncluding negotiating with us as the first step to reach a fair agreement,” he said.

“However, since no new resolution has been moved, our members have no option but to continue with the strike,” he said.

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