Organizations agree on Three Chimney Hub


Lots of grandeur and a little brevity. barcelona, badalona, saint adriaThe cpu And this government Future announced today ,hub Three Chimneys’ digital, audio-visual and video game” In a presentation at the mouth of the Basis River, in which he emphasized the relevance of political will and the consensus that the project would draw, which he rarely gave.

“All administrations are aligned, we go together and we believe in this opportunity”, he assured Philo CaneteMayor of Sant Adria. Danielle CrespoThe UPC’s rector has outlined that “the alliances that made Campus Diagonal Base possible”, the scene of the act, are “repeated” with the Video Game Center initiative.

Kolou does not come

barcelona councilor Jordi Martis has agreed that “the space administration needs to agree”, especially “at a time that is not easy”. “Each of us is concerned about our dairies and it is convenient to have a common dairies”, he said.

He recognized that “the project has a long way to go before it becomes a reality”, but valued the consensus, which he defined as “the best omen”. Marty excuses the absence of the mayor of Barcelona, ada colauwhose participation was determined, “due to agenda reasons and the delay of a train carrying him”.

A young man in front of the three chimneys of Sant Adria de Besos, in which a new neighborhood is proposed / Pablo Miranzo

new currencies

“The fact that you are all here today is the best proof that this is one of the great transformational projects of the next decade in Catalonia,” he said. President pere aragones, He has even stated that “the project will mark a before and after”, which he likens to the impulse that the creation of public media brought to Catalan audiovisual production from the “new modernity”.

in his speech, member Natalia Garrega A little more detail is given. He has limited himself to explaining that it is difficult to specify a calendar: the horizon is 2030, although he has acknowledged that there will be different “phases” and it will be necessary to approve a new urban master plan first. Of course, they have celebrated the importance of today’s “great picture.”

chronic lack of investment

Mayor of Badalona, ruben guizarrohas observed that Northern Besos “finally” receives investments that have been “rejected for decades”. “We are looking forward to the investments that our neighbors have long deserved,” he said.

Vice President of the Generalitat, jordi puigneroAppreciated “Opportunities for the audio-visual sector and other technical fields”. Marty has also highlighted the potential of hub “Presenting the light of Barcelona and its metropolitan area to the world”. In the coming years we will see whether all these promises remain a toast to the sun or translate into a real transformation of the old thermal power plant’s surroundings and mouths of basses.

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