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In optimum tic We specialize in comprehensive cyber security management since 2009. That year Rosa Ortuno, founder and CEO of Optimistic, launched this great professional project with a completely innovative vision of cybersecurity management at the time.

In this new era in which all companies are undertaking major digital transformation processes (either because they are digital natives or because they have elements(s) that must be connected and/or communicated), new cyber security The risks that exist to deal with are increasing. To face these new risks, organizations have had to put cyber security at the center of their operations and structure themselves through concrete master plans that allow them to develop resilient, resilient, integrated and long-term strategies .

About 75% of cyber security professionals consider phishing and social engineering attacks to be the main threats to organizations

Given the evolution of the sector and technologies, the main cyber security challenges expected in the coming months will, on the one hand, focus on the cloud. 50% of organizations will have a cloud-centric IT strategy, up from 5% in 2020 (Source: Gartner) On the other hand, remote work, which will take on great importance, will become one of the sources of vulnerability for organizations. Explosion of sophisticated attacks like ransomware will also be one of the main challenges and eventually, we will find threats to technological systems like IoT and network connectivity which all organizations have, as it goes from a simple device that can connect to the network. Allows for the Internet, such as a Wi-Fi AP or a simple watch or mobile, for more sophisticated elements.

Recent CS Hub 22 Report has reported that approximately 75% of cyber security professionals consider phishing and social engineering attacks to be the main threats to organizations. In the end, while the weakest link is always the user, phishing attacks rely on human error rather than software vulnerabilities to gain entry into organizations and steal sensitive information or login credentials. Furthermore, with improvements in device security technologies, it is much easier for cybercriminals to trick someone into accessing malicious links or providing sensitive information.

continuous development

OptimumTIC was founded in 2009 by Rosa Ortuño, one of the first female engineers in the ICT sector in Catalonia. Recognized in the market as an expert in cyber security and compliance, Rosa Ortuño is a benchmark among large companies and institutions. His relentless motivation, concern and willpower means he has never stopped growing and training. For this reason, in addition to being the CEO of OptimumTIC, Rosa serves as the President of CATEi, Dona an Honorary Member of the Board of TIC, and Vice President of ISACA.

Commitment, quality, transparency and security is what defines Rosa & Optimistic, which has managed to shift its vision of cyber security to the area where it has undeniably established its position. The cyber security sector is an area in constant development, so cyber security management companies should adopt a strategy of innovation and continuous improvement based on compliance from the regulatory sector basis with certifications such as the National Security Plan or ISO27001 that certify it and, most Above, with its own solutions, that is, a set of resources that should be structured with a focus on people, as cyber security begins with itself.

OptimumTIC was founded in 2009 by Rosa Ortuño, one of the first female engineers in the ICT sector in Catalonia.

Since 2009, when OptimumTIC was made up of only three people, one of them Rosa, to date, we have grown rapidly, reaching a team made up of 23 cyber security professionals. One of the pillars that builds OptimumTIC is to bet on the growth and talent of our professionals, fostering training from day one, investing in each individual, because, as Henry Ford said, “the only thing worse than training your employees There is one thing and let them go: don’t train them and let them be”.

At OptimumTIC, from day one, everyone has a personalized training plan that allows them to fully develop their professional skills throughout their career at OptimumTIC, and not just in those more direct topics, such as major cyber security platform, but also in data security, continuous simulation of social engineering attacks, and training on our certifications. In this way, we have a specialized and certified team in each of the tools and/or disciplines that work for our clients.

OptimumTIC: Quality solutions adapted to the needs of each of our clients

In this sequence, it is important for OptimumTIC not only to bet on a trained and expert team, but also on a diverse team. Our team is made up of 50% women in both the technical sector and regulatory and legal compliance. Similarly, we are also committed to giving opportunities to new young talent: every year at least one internship student joins our team who, after their evaluation and development during the agreement, join the Optimmatic team as an employee. Has the potential to be involved and grow. unless he himself indicates his limits, because in OptimumTIC learning is static and is determined by the employee himself. In this way, we can say that the success of our projects is based on continuous improvement of both our services and our employees on a professional scale.

Continuous Improvement

At OptimumTIC we provide transversal cyber security services since inception. All of these are based on legal, organizational and technical perspectives. We provide quality solutions adapted to the needs of each of our clients, with them in their security strategy and in the implementation and management of the most powerful and optimal solutions on the market, making all our services compliant with RGPD and/or such regulations. Legal framework, security rules.

Our list of services is divided into: Cyber ​​Security, Systems and Infrastructure and Compliance. As for our cyber security services, they are structured on the premise of preventive cyber security, which includes all advance measures that are established to ensure that all actors connected to the network are not trustworthy; Managed cyber security, which serves to accompany and support the definition and development of a security strategy, and reactive cyber security, which serves as a measure to mitigate the consequences of a cyber attack.

On the other hand, our systems and infrastructure services allow us to manage the security of a technical environment from a 360° perspective, working in the cloud, in systems and in network security. Finally, our compliance services. With the development of technologies and the Internet, a scenario has been reached where the legal framework, its compliance and adaptation, are critical in the development of cyber security strategies. From the privacy and compliance sector, we provide regulatory compliance and consulting solutions aimed at mitigating legal risks and defining prevention, control and management tools to be implemented across the organization. In addition, we correctly adapt our clients not only to regulation (RGPD), but also to the measures that must be implemented to ensure compliance and cover risks.

Rosa Ortuño, CEO of CibersecurityExpert & ComplianceIT and OptimumTIC, President of CATEi, Honorary Member of the Board of Dona TIC and Vice President of ISACA


innovation and development

Recently, as a result of our growth and in order to offer the best cyber security services customized to each of our clients, we have developed our new Optimum Cyber ​​Service.

It is a Security Operations Center (SOC), a service responsible for maintaining company safety based on human resources (team), equipment and security measures that allow security, analysis and response to security incidents. is, and finally, according to the philosophy and methodology used to process data, analyze and react to events.

Cyber ​​security is a living process that must be adapted to the environment in which it operates. For this reason, at OptimumTIC we view the OptimumCYBER service as a circular process, based on continual improvement of systems to surface and reduce attack vectors, thereby reducing alerts and in response against incidents. Speeds up. Real.

Cyber ​​security management is always accompanied by technical tools that allow strategic cyber security plans to be carried out. To do this, we ‘partner’ the market’s leading cybersecurity tools such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, NetScope, Proofpoint, SentinelOne or OneTrust.

At OptimumTIC we implement all the solutions we sell and acquire internally. In this way, we know the tool not only from the point of view of a cyber security manager but also from our own experience, all with an aim to benefit the customer by providing quick response and genuine knowledge.

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