Operation of gas stations disrupted due to power shortage


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Interruptions in electricity services have complicated the delivery of fuel to gas stations in the country and have forced retailers to limit their operations or work with generators, resulting in long lines at gas stations, Those who are most affected after passing. of Hurricane Fiona,

Gas stations crowded with people looking for fuel are no longer seen in the metropolitan area, but there are still many consumers in the southern and western regions who stand in long lines to fill up their cars.

new day Today took a tour through stations in Beamon, San Juan and Guayanabo, and saw no kilometer line. However, many advertised to their customers that they do not have diesel or do not have premium gasoline. Some remained closed.

But the situation was different in southern cities including Como, Salinas or Santa Isabel. There, drivers had to wait a long time to be able to stock up. The lines at Shell brand gas stations were striking, a brand that switched distributors this month.

Queues were also the order of the day at gas stations in the west, which have been alerted in recent days because it is the last area to receive fuel as it is the farthest from the terminals from which wholesalers ship products.

Three days after Hurricane Fiona, most stations in the country operate with electric generatorsBecause they haven’t restored the power. The use of power plants has raised costs for gas station owners, said Esdras Velez, president of the Association of Gasoline Retailers.

Velez requested, by letter, to the secretary of consumer affairs department (DACO), Aidan Rivera Rodriguez, which will boost gasoline’s profit margins. This distinction has been stabilized by DACO since the war between Russia and Ukraine began on 24 February.

“We must remember that we are in an emergency period and there may be speculation of prices, which can be harmful to the pocket of the consumer,” The head of DACO responded when new day He asked if he would grant the requested enhancement. He said he was evaluating the request, but declined to say when he would make a decision.

Riviera Rodriguez indicated that the Baki terminal in Yabucoa also continues to operate with a generator, as it does not have energy service. Gasoline distributors of the Shell, Mobil and American Petroleum brands, as well as several independent ones, are also supplied to this pier.

The Secretary indicated that the officers of Luma Energy reported that today, before the end of Wednesday, Bucky will have power.

For his part, Peerless general manager Luis Vazquez, a wholesaler that owns the Ecomax brand of stations, told this newspaper that he began distributing fuel to hospitals and supermarkets in the southern region, as well as 30 of its network. % of stations. , last night, 7:00 pm

According to Vazquez, the delay was due to the fact that highways providing access to the terminal at Peuelas, PR-127 and PR-337, were blocked by some 15 power and telecommunications poles that Hurricane Fiona fell.

“On Highway 127, which goes west, there are posts on the ground that block the passage of trucks. Our carrier has to travel a long way to be able to reach the stations. If the government helps clear those roads, we can go further.”Peerless’s general manager said.

It aims to supply 100% of its network of 110 Ecomaxx stations between today and tomorrow, Thursday. Vázquez indicated that he would receive two ships – one with gasoline and the other with diesel – early next week, which should further ease the situation at the station level.

Similarly, Puma Energy, which also distributes the Texaco brand, is another wholesaler that works with generators from its terminal in Baymon.

“Gasoline delivery resumed (Monday), September 19, and we have managed to reach all geographic areas of the island,” said Mario Sierra, president of Puma Energy Caribe.

contaminated gasoline

DACO, on the other hand, reported that it identified the fuel contaminated with water at three gasoline stations, after tests were conducted at 50 stations by weights and measures inspectors.

Stations where contaminated fuel has been detected are the creek at Oro Blanco in Salinas, Shell at Cuatro Calles in Arroyo, and Shell/Mobil at Villa del Rey on Highway 172 in Caguas.

The stations in Arroyo and Caguas have already cleaned their tanks in the presence of DACO inspectors and checked if there were any leaks. Until this process is complete, the station cannot dispense gasoline, explained DACO Under Secretary Maria Fernanda Velez.

Rivera Rodriguez said DACO inspectors typically visit stations that are in flood zones to check the status of gasoline every time it rains heavily.

Velez indicated that consumers affected by contaminated fuel can contact these stations to make a claim. The stations have already informed their respective insurance companies.

Similarly, the Under Secretary advised the consumers not to pour gasoline when it is raining with extreme wind. It is also not advisable to refill gas as soon as the truck ends the gas supply to the station, but Velez suggests waiting 10 to 15 minutes.

Reporter Jose Orlando Delgado Rivera contributed to this story.

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