Olona responds to Woakes in Murcia: “It’s only the beginning of the road”


Emotional and challenging, former Vox leader, macarena olonaThis Friday elaborated on his position in Murcia, which is already out of formation, his plans for the future – which today do not go through the founding of any other party, despite the fact that he made clear that their purpose is to capitalize Vox. dissatisfaction of those disappointed with the direction of-, and his displeasure towards the formation that “the meat grinding machine has started”.

Amidst tight security arrangements and clashes between protesting protesters Olona’s appearance At the University of Murcia (UMU) and recorded by a small group of political advocates, the former Conservative Party candidate for the Junta de Andalucía stated that «I ain’t going to have a party Political because in present times it would be irresponsible. I wish the greatest of success to Vox and those who are operating the meat-grinding machinery in parallel with other very old parties. They should remember that I am not an ETA.

The former leader of Vox presented herself as the standard-bearer of women whom Spanish politics gets out of the way when they “stand out” from “gay people”. “a hug friend” and, above all, to the people with whom he is meeting these days “who have a Vox. disagree with Due to which a standard has been imposed on them according to which ‘either you are with me or you are against me’. One of my priorities is to be a unifying force for all the voices that have faded along the way and asked me to lead a project. that is Unhappy or expelled from party leadershipAs were the regional representatives who organized the conference, Juan José Liarte and Francisco Carrera, who supported Olona in her work in Murcia.

Olona went back to last July, when he announced that he was leaving the political front: «life hit me hard unexpectedly. It seemed that I was not going to get another chance to be with my family and I decided to withdraw from politics. Abascal said at the time that the doors to the match were open. Today I saw some people regret that I don’t have cancer,” he said in an emotional tone.

Amid cries from those who perceived her presence at the university as an attack on democracy, Olona herself heard and responded to statements made by Vox’s leader on Thursday, Montero’s Prickly, which closed the doors of training. ,I’m told it’s the end of the road, but I answer: no. This is just the beginning,” he later asserted that “at this time he has no intention of forming a new party or joining any other, but leaving the door open to do so later,” when Vox became a government official. There is no option.

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