Olona asked for a silver bridge to return as a senator for Andalusia before Vox slammed the door


Macarena Olona has been playing her cards for days to back to vox in Madrid and “without betraying” Andalusia. He asked for a silver bridge for his return, exhibiting muscle and followers in networks, and they have slammed the door. “This is definitely the end of the road,” the Vox spokesman in Congress made clear, Ivan Espinosa de los Monterosher friend, the person who led her to militancy and her great supporter these years.

After she resigned her seat as an Andalusian deputy last July and announced her withdrawal from politics for health reasons, her ambition was to return with a voice in the national leadership and a seat in the Senate. Vox sources confirm that Olona was going to ask Santiago Abascal, in an interview that is not going to take place in the end and that she has publicly requested on networks, to go back to be part of the hard core of the match with spotlight and loudspeaker in Madrid. She planned a return to politics as a prodigal daughter and also trusted that Abascal would take action against the secretary general, javier ortega smithwith whom he has been at odds since the Andalusian campaign. She did not calculate his strength and many of those who consider themselves his friends assure that they have been warning him for some time that he is not measuring his stakes well in this harsh internal war. “She was not there to set conditions,” says someone from within the party.

Again, Mario Conde

This Friday, the former general secretary of Vox in Congress, has a new conference at the University of Murcia, after which she starred at the University of Granada with escrache and confrontation between her like-minded and her detractors. On Monday, Olona will return to the Alfonso XIII hotel in Seville, where she reappeared days ago together former banker Mario Condeconvicted of fraud in the 90s, who this time will be the one who presents it. The event, organized by the Sevillian Rotary Club, is attended by some former Vox veterans such as Carmen Gomis, founder and currently on the platform ‘Tu patria’.

Olona wanted the Vox parliamentary group in Andalusia to appoint her senator for the autonomous community. The Andalusian Statute of Autonomy allows senators to be appointed without a regional seat. It is not a necessary condition. It was the only possible way, admit some of his faithful, so that he could continue in active politics once last July he resigned from the regional seat, in an attack of dignity the continuous internal confrontations and with many doubts about his health after weeks losing weight rapidly.

She had previously given up her seat in the Congress of Deputies in order to take office as an Andalusian deputy. She was never entirely clear about the operation. Until the last moment, she led a deferred resignation to the national seat, conditioning her to take office in the Andalusian Parliament. “I am yours”, she said during the Andalusian campaign, although in the paper that she registered in Congress she said that she would not leave until the date of constitution of the Autonomous Chamber. She always leaving a door open for herself to return to Madrid.

She tried the same thing again after taking office as an Andalusian deputy. In June she, at a press conference in the Andalusian Chamber, when she was asked if she would stay in Andalusia, she invoked God. She first defined herself as a “soldier” of an army, Vox, for which she said that he was under the orders of his superiors. She then added: “I am a daughter of God and I cannot be sure what the designs are that are to come”. On that date, June, Olona had already told his party that he did not want to remain a common soldier in Andalusia, as leader of a party that, despite having obtained 14 seats, was irrelevant in the community due to the absolute majority of the PP in Juan Manuel Moreno. She already then asked to be a senator for the autonomous community. Juan Espadas, leader of the Andalusian PSOE, is a senator, a position that he reconciles as head of the opposition. The PP appointed Javier Arenas, Elías Bendodo or Juan Bravo, to reward Moreno’s men in Genoa. Moreno did the same during his first years in Andalusia, when he reconciled his Andalusian seat with that of senator. Olona wanted to be in this triple and he pulled the rope “beyond his means”summarizes someone who attended that negotiation in which, beyond Ortega Smith, they assure that he exchanged harsh words with Abascal, who was always aware of his ambitions to remain with one foot in Madrid.

Vox has always criticized this use of the Senate and closed that door to Olona. The dance of names began. The one who was an Andalusian candidate proposed her friend and one of the key weights of her campaign, Jacobo González-Robatto. Vox disavowed her and chose the deputy for Córdoba Maria Jose Rodriguez de Millan, ‘Pepa’ Millan, that has already monopolized the spotlight when in a debate on energy he accused Pedro Sánchez of leading the country to “national suicide”. In the party many already look at this young woman, born in Cabra in 1995 and graduated in Law at the University of Seville, as the alternative to Olona in Andalusia. Her resignation would be essential to make way for Olona. “That has never been on the table,” they settle in Andalusia.

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Vox is in a hurry to settle an internal crisis that it tries to minimize by talking about “a soap opera” or a matter “of feelings and pink press,” said Espinosa de los Monteros this Thursday. Is much more. It is the biggest internal crisis with a national media focus, although in Andalusia the succession of leaders and spokespersons has been normal. Olona was dispatched in an interview on Abc denouncing the lack of internal democracy and accused Ortega Smith of interested leaks to destabilize her during the campaign.

There is internal division in the leadership of the party, where Olona has her followers, although from the national leadership they assure that the closing of ranks with Abascal is total and that she could not lead any split or drag people from within Vox. Moreover, they say that until recently he was one of his great political stars, that one thing is “the character of the networks” and another is the politics that can bring together internal Vox charges in his favor or even steal votes from a party. who is going through low hours after puncturing his expectations in Andalusia, where he rose from 12 to 14 deputies but far from entering the Government or conditioning the PP.

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