Nuclear explosion threat at University of Utah: Student arrested after announcing to do so if football team loses


aUniversity of Utah The student threatened to explode the nuclear reactor located on the campus.

The threat had a condition that the student would explode the reactor if the football team lost. San Diego State,

What was the danger in Utah?

according to Salt Lake City Sheriff’s OfficeThe 21-year-old woman reportedly posted on a social networking site, Yik Yak, that she would “cause mass destruction from a nuclear reactor located at the University of Utah.”

student was arrested for making terrorist threat, In her affidavit, the woman said she “knows about where the reactor is located and attends classes in the same building where the reactor is located.”

Luckily for everyone, Utah won the soccer game against San Diego State 35-7, thanks to four touchdown passes by the quarterback. cam rising,

Background with reactor explosion at University of Utah

Earlier, a 19-year-old Utah student was arrested for the same crime as attempting to blow up a university reactor.

In August, the student had also threatened through yik yaki directed at a school building. However, he claimed that the alleged threat was a prank and he had no intention of carrying it out.

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