Nothing is written in Russia by Jordi Juan


Vladimir Putin’s decision to mobilize about 300,000 troops in reserve fell like a bomb in Russia yesterday, sparking protests in the main capitals and even the lucky few who were able to catch a flight to leave the country. It was definite confirmation that the invasion of Ukraine was a failure and Putin had no choice but to take off his mask and publicly admit that he needed more troops to counter the Ukrainian invasion. As our correspondent Gonzalo Aragonese points out, Russian public opinion was able to verify yesterday that what is happening in Ukraine is something more than a “special military operation” as defined by the media that is in fact a What is war

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Veliky Novgorod tomorrow

Ilya Pitalev / AP

For several days, many Russian citizens were losing their fear of the regime. From public officials who backed the manifesto against Putin to rock and pop stars who denounced the lies about what was happening in the neighboring country. Putin’s problem is that despite all the official censorship, it is very difficult to control what goes on through social networks and in the hands of the younger generation, they have access to everything that happens in the West. In this sense, the video released by dissident Alexei Navalny that allegedly showed a grand palace owned by Putin did much damage to the Russian leader’s reputation, so much so that he had to walk out and deny that it was his. was. The first demonstrations called yesterday were violently suppressed by police and it seems difficult to imagine that Russia could experience the color revolution experienced by Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Ukraine. But most published opinion also believed that Russia could have easily invaded Ukraine seven months earlier and Putin was an untouchable.

His response yesterday, which was again appealing for a nuclear threat, may have been audacious, but you have to be careful about what the Russian president might do if he finds himself surrounded. Nothing is written about what could happen in Russia in the coming days and what the consequences of all this could be for the end of the war.

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