Non-smokers applaud Argimon’s measure and ask that it be extended to the rest of the country


consultant of the health of the Generalitat, Joseph Maria Argimonhas announced that the Generalitat is preparing a of standard To expand outside smoke free places. Thus, the Catalan executive will refuse Smoking stops on rooftops, school environments and public transport are aimed at encouraging many people to stop using tobacco, and incidentally, to protect others from being passive smokers.

While the news is not well received repair or reinstall nor in overnight stayThe non smoker – who represent over 70% The population– has celebrated the councillor’s decision. In this sense, both anti-smoking associations and the voice of the medical sector reassure that this is “big news” that will help “reduce tobacco consumption”, and call for it to be expanded to the rest of the country.

will reduce consumption

as explained by consultant In an interview yesterday Friday on TV3, since 2017, the percentage of smokers in Catalonia has stabilized at around 23% of the population. He assured that the purpose of this new rule is to “promote” on the part of the administration so that the figures are lower.

Rachel Fernandezpresident of state organization non smokersexplains to Global Chronicle That this proposition is positive not only for non-smokers, but also for all those who want to quit. “This is a very important step, it will bring many benefits to the society.”

The health sector has also appreciated this news. In the statements of this medium, Anthony Torreshead of pulmonology service General University Hospital of Catalonia and researchers of Hospital Clinic of Barcelonaassures that, from the outset, “this rule will reduce consumption and reduce the risk factors of passive smokers”.

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passive smokers

according to World Health Organizationtobacco smoke contains more 4,000 chemicals And at least 40 of them are carcinogenic. It also contains large amounts of carbon monoxide and other substances that contribute to the development of heart disease and cardiovascular accidents. “It has been shown that Tobacco smoke is harmful even for non-smokers, Without further progress, if a child is exposed to cigarette smoke for a long time, they are twice as likely to develop cancer,” he warns. Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

“We have to protect the population from the harmful effects of tobacco. People who do not smoke do not need to breathe in the smoke of others and undergo unnecessary exposure,” he said. For his part, Torres explains that “passive smokers are more likely to suffer from pneumonia, lung infections, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.”

Extend it to the rest of the country

From the AECC they celebrate the initiative of Catalonia, but ask a national law, “All initiatives are welcome, but we need an anti-tobacco law that protects us all.” And it is that the measure proposed by Argimon is in the same line of work of the Comprehensive Plan Against Smoking, which has been stuck for several months. Ministry of Health,

In this sense, they assure that until the said law is ratified, everything else is there.”patch“Thus, he gives as examples the cases of Valencia and the Balearic Islands where smoking is already banned in some public places as a result of measures taken during the pandemic. A law that protects everyone equally and that corrects inequalities in cancer prevention,” they conclude.

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