Nightlife criticizes government for banning smoking on rooftops: “looks like they don’t learn”


Nightlife also sees “adverse” the measure announced by the health minister this Friday, Joseph Maria ArgimonTo ban smoking on rooftops. General Secretary of the Catalan Federation of Associations of Restoration and Musical Activities (Fecasarm), Joaquim BodesThe Board regrets that the executive adopts these measures, which will reduce the business of the establishments. from other organizations in the region, fecalonehave also been against the ban announced by consultant This Friday on TV3.

,I don’t think this is the best time to approve customer reduction measures”, explained Bodas. In fact, he recalled that the restaurant and nightlife sector has been the hardest hit during the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic due to restrictions imposed by the government and the Generalitat.

Government will ban smoking on rooftops, in school environments and at bus stops / UNSPLASH on Andres Simone

decrease in consumption

Smoking ban on rooftops – which Argimon has extended to public transport stops and school environments – will, in the words of Fecasarm’s general secretary, lead to a reduction in consumption on campus. This would be, as he warned, due to the fact that if people didn’t smoke on the roofs they would do so in the street.

Boadas have recalled Macrobetalon during the shutdown of nightlife during the pandemic. “It seems they don’t learn”has condemned Fecasarm’s representative for the government in statements Europe Press,

Several people on a terrace in Barcelona, ​​where smoking will be banned / Europa Press

Several people on a terrace in Barcelona, ​​where smoking will be banned / Europa Press

no solution

overnight stay, in the face of this latest ban announced by Argimon, has advocated working together with the Generalitat to reduce the incidence of smoking in Catalonia, among other measures such as awareness campaigns. Although this cooperation has not happened with the affected areas, as explained Roger PallarolesThe director of the Barcelona Restoration Guild, who has been “very surprised” and criticized the counselor for “not agreeing to it”.

for its part, weddings He regretted that this prohibition “provides no solution”. Indeed, the general secretary of Fecasarm has directly alleged health counseling Directed by Argimon, who was his “chief executioner” during the pandemic, wanted to promote measures that in his opinion are for the gallery and turn the area into a scapegoat, he has sentenced.

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