New York Times: Elections, Not Science, Drive Democratic Mandate Reversals


Democrats in blue states are beginning to see the writing on the wall regarding COVID restrictions. And it’s pretty safe to say that they are realizing that the message needs to change.

Political reality is setting in and dominoes are beginning to fall in state after state.

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The ‘science’ of blue states

In New York, Governor Kathy Hocul announced that the the state would abandon its inner mask mandateone of the strictest in the country, on Wednesday.

New York trails other Democratic-led states like Oregon, New Jersey and California. Officials in those states claim the decision to relax the restrictions it has come as a result of “months of public planning and focus groups”.

Interestingly, it was those focus groups that began on the heels of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s narrower re-election last fall. Murphy’s campaign thought the election would be a doddle, until he wasn’t. They didn’t realize how many New Jerseyans just wanted to get back to normal life.

face of the democrats what could be an ugly election night this fall.

And while his pronouncements will be replete with mentions of “changing science,” the New York Times of all places revealed what’s behind the impressive 180:

Driving these decisions is the growing number of voters who indicate they are prepared to live with the virus as it is now, and political calculations about the looming midterm elections that already have Democrats on the defensive.

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The dominoes began to fall

States from Connecticut and Delaware to Oregon and California announced that they would lift COVID restrictions immediately or in the near future.

In the midterm election year of 2022, the COVID restrictions appear to be tied to cold, hard political facts.

CBS News reports that a recent Monmouth University The survey showed that 70% of Americans said the time has come to “accept that COVID is here to stay and we just have to get on with our lives.” This included 89% of Republicans, 71% of Independents, and 47% of Democrats.

It is that vast majority of independents that should set off alarm bells in every campaign office across the country.

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Democrats fool no one

Make no mistake, the Democrats will tell you that “the science has changed,” but what really has changed are the problems of the Democrats. As those declining poll numbers come in, and spikes in inflation and crime continue, Democrats are seeing another “never let a crisis go to waste” moment and will actively try to take credit for “ending” the pandemic. .

Look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s presumptive successor, New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.

Jeffries has fired the opening salvo: you can be sure that the coming months will be filled with claims that restrictions can be lifted thanks to the wonderful and fearless leadership of Joe Biden.

Yes really.


And the talking points have already come out between the match:

There are also more problems on the horizon. rumors of a American Truckers Freedom Convoy Organization and getting underway for Super Bowl Sunday, for starters. The convoy of Canadian truckers has created serious political problems for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Members of his own party have turned against him, one has even resigned.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently gave a very clear explanation of the reason behind the Democrats’ sudden change of heart on the draconian COVID restrictions, “Science hasn’t changed.. Medical science did not change. Political science changed.

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