New Version Of Mueller Report Reveals Mueller Wanted To Charge Don Jr. With Computer Crime For Accessing Anti-Trump Website With Publicly Available Password


Robert Muller

A new version of Mueller’s report reveals that the special counsel wanted to charge Donald Trump Jr. with computer crimes for, *check notes*, accessing an anti-Trump website with a publicly available password.

BuzzFeed News acquired Mueller’s new Justice Department documents after they filed a FOIA request seeking unredacted passages.

Wikileaks private messaged Don Jr. with a guessed password to access the anti-Trump website “” during the 2016 election, however Mueller refused to prosecute because the password was also publicly released on the internet. Wikileaks Twitter account.

Mueller was unable to charge Don Jr. with misdemeanor “computer intrusion” because his team likely could not prove that “Don Jr. acted in furtherance of any crime or tort or that he obtained information valued at more than $5,000.”

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In other words, this new version of the “Mueller report” garbage pile further confirms that President Trump, Don Jr., and other Trump associates are innocent.

BuzzFeed News reported:

The Department of Justice published a new version of the Mueller report Friday afternoon reveals for the first time that former special counsel Robert Mueller considered charging Donald Trump Jr. with misdemeanor “computer intrusion” for accessing an anti-Trump website using a password he obtained from WikiLeaks.

Previously undisclosed portions of the document that relate to Trump Jr. say Mueller considered whether the then-president’s son should be charged with a misdemeanor under a section of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for knowingly accessing a protected computer without authorization.

“The conduct in question was Trump Jr.’s use of a password, provided to him by WikiLeaks in a Twitter direct message, to access the ‘’ website in September 2016,” the unedited passage read. .

“In this case, Trump Jr. accessed the website shortly before it went public using a ‘guess’ password that, although sent to him individually, had also been posted by WikiLeaks on his public Twitter account, so that anyone who follows WikiLeaks could have gotten the same preview of the website as Trump Jr.,” the newly unedited excerpt from the report said.

The report continued: “That fact, among others, would make it difficult to prove that Trump Jr. acted in furtherance of any crime or tort or obtained information valued at more than $5,000, which are the kind of circumstances that can trigger a felony punishment. under the statute. Given that Trump Jr. did not himself initiate the plan to access the website or guess the password, the absence of evidence that his actions caused any damage to the website or obtained valuable information, the technical nature of the violation and the punishment minimum that a misdemeanor conviction could be expected under these circumstances, the Bureau decided not to press charges.”

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