Netflix: Korean series of the most dangerous serial killers, based on real events


October is approaching, one of the favorite months for lovers of horror and Halloween. If you are a fan of ghost stories, serial killer, this recommendation is for you. East netflix korean drama Follows the true story of one of Korea’s worst criminals.

Asians attribute themselves to the horror genre, as they are usually very raw and dark with their plots, with two productions also released in 2021 and considered to be the most terrifying film this year, one of them It’s “abomination”.

But if you shy away from the supernatural, check out this mini documentaries based on real eventsOne of the darkest cases in Korea, as the killer spread terror across the country because of his murder methods, the best part is that it only lasts three episodes.

Netflix: Know the story of Korea’s biggest murderer, it is based on true events

Netflix This three-episode mini drama is a . is as documentaries based on real events, the story of “Raincoat Killer” Follow The case of Yu Young Chul, A serious killer who claimed to have killed 19 to 20 people in total during 2003 and 2004.

He was one of the most dreaded criminals in South Korea, his victims being elderly people with money and sex workers. His methods of torture were to hit them with hammers, cut off their fingerprints so that they could not be identified, and mutilate them. In addition, he always wore a raincoat for which he was known as raincoat killer,

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