Netflix Has Good Games, But Less Than 1% Of Its Subscribers Play It


hardly anyone is playing netflix games, According to data obtained by the chain, less than 1% of its customers CNBCPlay one of the titles integrated into the popular series and movie service since last November.

It’s risky to be clear with a platform with 220.6 million customers. This small percentage doesn’t translate into an insignificant figure of 1.7 million daily players, but nonetheless, no one would say that Netflix’s foray into the electronic entertainment space has been as expected.

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The data comes from a study by application analytics company Apptopia, which also shows that since the Netflix Games category premiere in November, its games have been downloaded 23.3 million times worldwide.

Netflix has 1.7 million daily players and 23.3 million downloads of its games globally

Despite these prudent results—for Netflix—the Reed Hastings-led company continues with its plans to expand into the world of electronic entertainment, including continuing to acquire video game development studios and Double the number of games available on the platform,

Netflix Games Available Today on Android Devices

Netflix adds video games to mobile and tablet since last November


Although the initial offering of Netflix games was reduced to five titles, today the selection already exceeds twenty-five games, and it is expected that they will reach fifty before the end of the year. These are not big blockbusters, but generally independent titles with smaller budgets. Another important detail is that they cannot be played on television, only on mobile or tablet and, apart from being free to platform customers, they do not contain advertising or additional purchases.

Netflix games cannot be played on TVs, only on mobiles or tablets and do not contain ads or in-app purchases

Some of these games are of very good quality and to mention a few, in breach is a fantastic sci-fi tactical strategy game; night raider is an action and role-playing game that pays homage to the classics-developed in Valencia, by the way-; You exploding kittens A hilarious card game.

The three games mentioned have already appeared on other platforms, but exclusive titles are also starting to happen on the service, such as the colorful and spectacular platform game. pinpee, And that’s not counting games based on their range of platforms, such as Stranger Things 3: The Game or based on future games queen’s gamble,

It cannot be denied that Netflix has interesting games, but usage figures among its subscribers are still very low. Some of the reasons for this poor performance may be tied to the fact that games have very little visibility within the app, or they haven’t received much publicity from the platform.

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Mark Brugato

EA Play is a game-on-demand service from Electronic Arts.

Another reason that might explain the sneaky debut of Netflix’s game offers is that you’ll need to download a separate app for each title in order to play them. In other words, they are not games that run on the app itself, as is the case with series and movies, but rather each requires going through the respective Apple and Google stores before playing. That’s certainly the only way Netflix has — at the moment — to offer this content, but it’s clear that it’s a solution far from the ease of use and immediacy the platform is known for.

Role-playing game 'Moonlighter' is developed in Valencia and is one of the titles included on Netflix

Role-playing game ‘Moonlighter’ is developed in Valencia and is one of the titles included on Netflix

The fact that less than 1% of Netflix users play daily is a delicate moment for the California-based company. Most recently, it lost streaming lead to Disney+, a service reaching 221 million users in a very short period of time, while Netflix lost nearly a million last quarter.

Despite the negative impact from these figures, according to Censor Tower, it’s still too early to consider that Netflix’s commitment to video games has failed. “It’s important to remember that Netflix is ​​at the beginning of its mobile gaming strategy,” says Craig Chappelle, sports industry,

It’s Yet To Say That The Netflix Video Game Has Failed

“Although they are making some acquisitions and publishing some existing and new titles, it will take them some time to really grow the business,” says the analyst, who specializes in the mobile space. “Studios that have bought in need time to develop new games that have a chance to succeed, and Netflix has really only started announcing games based on their great film and television intellectual properties.”

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