NEET notification to release soon, here are some preparation tips


According to the latest guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry, the NEET exams, which were scheduled to take place in March this year, have been postponed.

NEET is one of the most competitive exams to crack in India, and candidates often dedicate years for its preparations. Every year, NEET receives over 16 lakh applications, showing tremendous competition for over 1.5 lakh places at major medical and dental colleges across the country.

With only a few months left to prepare, medical students should step up their preparation strategies for this year’s tougher competition.

To crack and qualify for a medical seat, one must have a well-thought-out strategy. Any examination requires meticulous planning and execution. With NEET in mind, you’ll need to pick and choose your activities carefully.

The following are a few of the most important things that candidates should focus on when preparing for the exam in the most efficient and effective way.

Have a clear picture of NEET Syllabus

The NEET exam covers three subjects and four sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). The paper has a total of 720 points, and students must answer 180 questions. Each objective question would be worth four points. For each correct response, the student will receive a plus four, while each incorrect answer will result in a one-point deduction.

Create your own timetable and notes while preparing

A well-planned and practical timetable can easily assist students in devoting sufficient time to each section and topic, while also covering the entire course. While preparing for the exam, one should take time to make notes, which will aid in not only understanding and remembering things for a longer time, but will also provide easy access during the exam.

Prepare by practicing mock tests and previous year question papers

Aspirants can improve their understanding of concepts and topics by taking practise tests that follow the current NEET exam patterns. It aids in the analysis of candidates’ real-time performance, which is extremely useful in revealing the errors that can be avoided on exam day.

NCERT books are the foundation

Since all questions in the medical entrance exam are based on NCERT concepts, NCERT books are highly recommended for NEET 2022. NCERT books are the greatest place to start because they will provide you a basic understanding of ideas. A student who diligently studies the NCERT books would be able to answer the most of NEET exam questions with easily.

Review mistakes and solve your queries

It’s not enough to solely attempt practise tests. You must go back and clarify where you went wrong, either by checking reference books or your teachers. This will assist you in growing and avoiding making the same errors.

It’s important to remember to take breaks in between because overworking your brain might lead to illness. A healthy mind can only produce great results.

(The author is Academics Director, Vidyamandir Classes)

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