Need more FGC trains


open doors. Deep breath. My lungs fill with hot, smelly air. I think it will always be better than what is out there. I look inside Some, not interrupted by their cell phones, look at me with “don’t come in” faces, but teachers will tell me the same thing when I go to class if I don’t take that train.

I enter with force, compressing and agitating the enormous mass of body with which I encounter. “Sorry sorry”. Nobody looks at me. I feel like no one will know if I stare. Moreover, I will not fall to the ground, because the pressure of the bodies on me will prevent me from falling.

Anyway, the doors are locked and I’m already a prisoner in that silent prison of morning breath. I can’t move, I have an armpit under my nose and the person behind me keeps suffocating me as the car shakes. We reached the next stop.

With joy we all see a man walking through that human forest to get out of the train. Those waiting at the stop wisely decide not to enter. I finally reach my stop. With elbows and pardons I manage to make my way through the crowd.

I take a step outside. I think of Armstrong, who, after spending months in his capsule, steps into a wide, sprawling space. This is daily bread.

Finally, I would add that, despite all this, FGC is the only one that has driven me to run in the morning, the only one I find too big to make the attic of my house, there is only one Which makes me immune to odours. That’s where they go and I’m not going to expose more than other features.

To conclude with an objective merit, the FGC has managed to greatly reduce car usage, as each person traveling on that train means one less car on the motorway.

I hope that what is in this lesson will rise to the top and manage to add trains to their system to reduce the humiliation of those who have considered reducing their carbon footprint with the use of these means. has done.

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