Nathy Peluso does an ad for a clothing brand naked


Argentina Nathy Peluso Keeping an eye on the new collection of clothing brands Unequal, Well, the singer and songwriter gave her figure to be the campaign image. The artist who has had hits like “Mafiosa”, “Gato Malo” and the sessions with him bzrp Which currently has more than 338 million views on YouTube.

The campaign slogan is to paint and it does it with the session in which Peluso She also takes off her clothes and poses in grayscale. This is the first time she has shown herself as a fashion brand. One of the singer’s main flags is empowerment and confidence. “Happy and honored to be leading this campaign filled with so much art and dedication. @Desigual,” he wrote in a post on his Instagram account.

Nathy Peluso for Desi. IG Photo @nathypeluso

In the photos, the only thing she keeps to cover herself is a bag of firm, maitrepierre leather design, reports the exclusive fashion magazine. ale from spain, It is also known that the said piece is available in yellow, black and white.

According to the same publication, the brand’s founder Thomas Meyer noted that his company’s values ​​”matched with”. Nathi and It was decisive in the proposal to develop this project together.”

“…she is an iconic singer and songwriter with an undeniable international projection and a meteoric career. Being our ambassador will allow us to connect with new audiences who identify with women, the messages of her songs.” with,” said the mayor.

Nathy Peluso for Desi. IG Photo @nathypeluso

What is unequal?

It’s from a company fashion Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which was established in 1984, it has a presence in approximately 107 countries and sells accessories and footwear including women’s, men’s and children’s as well as sportswear. Its pieces are characterized by the inclusion of ethnic clothing, which has earned it the spotlight of criticism for its cultural appropriation. For example, in 2019 a case was documented in which Desigual reproduced an embroidered piece in an industrial way that depicts embroidery. Hidalgo, handmade in Tenango di Doria.

Embroidery from Tenango di Doria, Hidalgo. Photo: Traditional Friday

Similarly, designer Custo Dalmau threatened to sue the brand for plagiarism, while the Dolores Promesa brand claimed that Desigual was selling a shirt similar to his own. The matter was cleared away from the courts and with a public apology Meyer’s part of the company.

Nathy Peluso for Desi. IG Photo @nathypeluso

It should be remembered that earlier, in 2019, a collaboration between Peluso and the fashion house had already taken place. The new campaign includes four socks and a portrait, a photographic work of Texma Yeste. Argentine said of the campaign, “I am proud that my people identify with what I do, that they take the characteristics of my culture and message and make them their own.” He,

Nathy Peluso for Desi. IG Photo @nathypeluso

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