Nasser Al Khelefi sends a warning to Barcelona about the club’s use of economic levers


TeaI have European Club Association held his general meeting in Istanbul with the President Nasser Al Khelefi Taking this opportunity to welcome the reintroduction of Financial Fair Play as part of his keynote address.

While somewhat odd considering the club he works for, Paris Saint GermainIt has consistently raised voices against the fabric of the FFP since its introduction, yet the speech was full of praise for the economic changes introduced in the new FFP format.

“The new financial stability rules are a positive development. The rules regulate costs and expenses,” al khelefi declared.

“They encourage investment and new investors. They will help ensure the sustainability of football in the future.

“We have to be careful with debt levels because magically injecting capital is not a sustainable way to move forward.

“We have to think long term, not short term.”

It is now known that barcelona managed to stabilize his ship financially through the use of economic levers, and this last statement seemed like a target, especially given the rivalry between PSG and Los Queles.

“ECA will continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders: FIFA, UEFA and other associations, leagues, national associations and fans,” he continued.

“Everyone within European football must do more for the benefit of the sport as a whole.”

PSG The President also took this opportunity to throw his weight behind the idea that more should be made from European club competitions, notably the Champions League and the European Super Cup.

“ECA has worked with UEFA on a new men’s competition format after 2024. There will be more exciting matches.” I have explained.

“Competitions will be more inclusive. Our revenue will increase.

“We have already seen this in France and the UK, and with the sale of Spanish language rights in the US our growth is over 150%.

“We are planning to work with Paramount+. We have to work on the same lines.

“Revenue sharing is the next important issue for European football. The ECA has always promised to protect our clubs and the ECA to put collective interests above individual interests.

“Distribution must be fair. We want all men’s and women’s competition to flourish.”

Javier Tebas’ response

LaLiga Santander President Xavier Thebes took to social media to reply Nasser Al Khelefi After her hard ‘dig’ barcelona During the general meeting of the ECA.

“There’s no magic. barcelona have sold a part of their assets to cover their losses, but PSG On the other hand you ‘Turn on the gas’. For a sustainable world of football, the first thing to do is to pay what is owed, right?” he posted.

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