Nashville vs America: Did Bunbury give up music for the game? meet the player whose name is


club America was measured against this Wednesday night nashville scheduled caste as part of the activities of league cupA meeting that took place in Tennessee, United States, and in which the Mexican team (which has excellent participation in Liga MX) is expected to win, although it seems unlikely that will happen.

The Kopa group left no stone unturned to send their best warriors for this fight. Similarly, his rival did the same, though with a detail that was overlooked by many: one of them is named Banbury, as is the surname of the Spanish singer who was the band’s leader. hero of silence,

is about teal BunburyCanadian born American football player who is currently in Major League Soccer, In the same way, he has been selected to participate in the United States National Team. He is 32 years old and his position on the pitch is ahead.

Nashville vs America lineup (Photo: TW @NashvilleSC)

In this case, the player actually has a nickname. Bunbury And it (apparently) has nothing to do with pseudonyms Enrique Ortiz de Landazuri Izarduuwho adopted it from a play “the importance of Being Earnest” of Oscar wildOne of his favorite authors.

Curious thing about the name of the footballer to understand a little more in this sense Bunbury He is an imaginary friend with the precarious state of health of the protagonist of the play, algernon moncriff, In this case, we can talk about the character joining the fields of literature, sports and music.

Banbury united the fields of sports, literature and music (Photo: [email protected]
telbunb / special / @josegirl_ig)

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