Naked nails: everything you need to know to wear them with style and follow manicure trends


already ordered Kim Kardashian On more than one occasion: Nude nails are the best option for a perfect manicure. cause? Because it helps us to show our very beautiful and stylish hands, also they are ideal for making our nails look neat but without stealing everyone’s attention and are just another complement to our look. Although many women share the same passion as the socialite, others are hesitant to wear them for fear of looking too simple.

the good news is that Naked nails can be worn in all kinds of styles And they can follow the best trends of the season too, especially now that we are about to say goodbye to summer and these colors have become the perfect match for them. FallBecause the shades of brown and earth, as well as a little orange, undoubtedly remind us of the dried leaves of the trees that paint the streets with color this season.

And you can combine different colors. (Photo: Pinterest Angelis Halgraves)

And if that’s what you’re looking for nail design who has that discreet side, but that is not boring or too simple, the ideal is to combine several nude voice, Add design, play with gloss and matte, as well as match the shape of the nails by wearing them short or long, with square or almond tips, as they are ideal for showing off any way you can imagine. This is precisely what has made them a favorite of many, as they can be Create all kinds of designs, and they will be unique!

Despite this, we know it can be complicated to pair more than one trend with lighter and warmer tones, and that’s why we take this opportunity to reveal everything you need to know. Wear nude nails with style and following Other trends The Manicure That Will Conquer The Months To ComeWell, as we have told you on other occasions, the list is very long.

nude nails with gradient effect

Something that needs to be known is that by betting on trend You don’t have to wear the same tone on all your nails, because as we warned you, the limit is creativity and if the experts and the most viral photos on social networks have made anything clear to us, it’s that in one. manicure You can wear up to five different colors, one for each nail.

The trick when applying them to the surface of the nails is that you must from darkest to lightest with the idea of ​​making an impact humiliated, This way you can wear a perfect manicure and without resorting to other trends of the moment.

would you use them? (Photo: Pinterest Vian Rade)

nails with flowers and leaves

A few days ago we shared with you the most beautiful and feminine nail trends of the season. mix flower and tree leaf design with golden touchwhich can be combined with all colors and nude They could not be taken out of the list. That’s why on this occasion we renew these designs but with the most impressive designs to get a very beautiful image.

The first idea is to bet on a tone similar to our skin tone to achieve the effect of long fingers that help in styling the hands; Whereas for leaf design you have to bet on black color and shape the plants with the help of thin brush.

Ideal for short nails. (Photo: Pinterest Milky)

Although wearing nails of this style can add as much shine as possible, manicurists confirm that a matte effect is the best option for making hands look as elegant as possible. Of course, you can also combine with other colors like white fog effects and apply these designs to them, so that naked nails Natural.

The most beautiful nails are worn with only two colors. (Photo: Pinterest Sasha)

Shiny nails, and with glitter!

However, the matte effect isn’t the only one you can use to show you the best style and a tip to follow. Manicure Holdings A favorite of the moment is to give them that extra touch of shine, for this you can apply your nude enamel to each of your nails and then seal with two layers of varnish to help keep them looking the same as before.

Neutral colors also help to achieve the gradient effect. (Photo: Pinterest Kitt1sp)

But it’s not the only way to show that you love glitter and, in fact, naked nails they are an excellent choice show all the glamour, especially if one of them is left full shinyWhile the rest wear a similar tone that doesn’t necessarily match your skin tone, instead continue with a palette of earthy colors that help you match autumn.

Brown tones will also be a trend in autumn. (Photo: Pinterest Location)

matte nude nails with white

Finally, if you want to look your best in the coming weeks, you should try out this trend that mix nude tones with white, Because the result is very elegant and perfect to renew the image of your hands. The good news is that you can wear them with all the past trends and add even more.

The first idea is to do a gradient effect on three nails and leave two to apply white paint and make the manicure look better than ever. We suggest you steal all eyes, place a bet wear long nails And with a square tip, as they will help give that factor a full of elegance.

But always Matt. (Photo: Pinterest Elya)

Another option is to bet on a gradient effect to which an opaque and nude green tone is also added to show off the trend that reminds us of the colors of nature. Also, you can set the colors in a . can supplement with minimalist design Which hearts can be seen as we show you below.

If you add gold rings to it then the result will be very glamorous. (Photo: Pinterest Theines999)

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