Nagor Robles, Devastated After His Last Therapy Session: “I Must Join Me”


Nagor Oaks He is one of the most beloved television characters on the social network. Through his profile, he serves as an influencer, and often tells his followers what his daily life is like at home, with his dogs, and even at work. Television talks about all kinds of topics, both the good times and the bad. Despite his busy schedule, Robles always makes time to visit his psychologist. It is necessary for him to go for treatment and he had accepted it long back. For a few months, the 39-year-old colleague has been battling anxiety, and since her last visit with her therapist, she’s completely broken on social networks.

The truth is that. former partner of sandra barneda He usually talks openly about health issues on his Instagram profile, and he has shown it again in recent hours. For some time now, she has been very focused on training her body through sports and her mind through psychology. The truth is that, although he is doing very well, the latter reflects him, and at times he is somewhat sad on social networks.

The television colleague explains many times on her social networks how the process of healing her anxiety is going. The young woman revealed this Wednesday that she has to learn to manage it, as it deceives her. Of course, to do this you need to know yourself better, which can get very complicated. In fact, he left his last therapy session crying, something he wanted to pass on to his more than 1,300,000 people. followers on your Instagram profile.

“Today therapy has helped me understand my reactions to certain situations, my thoughts, the reason for my fatigue or nervousness,” he began, sharing the question that left him most pondered during an appointment with his therapist. : “A what are you ready to give up?” Robles assures that sometimes, trying to be in everything at the same time, but sometimes it is impossible. Nagor explained that in general “we want to go all out” and escalate to any situation. “Having all those things means you can’t reach many, and it creates frustration, nerves, anxiety, lack of patience…”, he wrote in an Instagram story.

Nagor Robles, broke through the social network

Instagram / nagore_robles

“We always have to make choices and therefore give up on some things, but if you try to reach all of them, you can leave yourself,” he said. “Everything will be all right. I just have to face situations one by one, and above all connect with myself about how they’re affecting me, and what I want,” she said, adding optimism to those in the know. Full of those who admire him. majority of.

The Mediaset collaborator, who has returned to the set of A Nightmare in Paradise, after a long season away from television, assures that knowing oneself is key to finding well-being. “I must reach an agreement with myself, so that there is a balance between what I want to achieve and how I feel to get there,” Basque said.

This year has not been easy for the presenter. Last February, Nagor Robles and his former partner, Sandra Berneda, revealed via their social networks that they have decided to end their romantic relationship. The two were together for more than five years. The two decided, by mutual consent, to communicate that they had “not been a couple” for months and that love meant “accepting the end and letting go, even if it was a difficult decision.” A break that hasn’t been easy at all.

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