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I keep food, market and two kilos extra from 15th September 2022. The Scream Party looked promising, but my hostess got COVID and had to cancel, so I went to sleep early, before I (not) saw the First Lady’s September outfit, as is my tradition.

I started tasting food a month ago at several markets in Oaxaca, where I deliberately gave myself the task of trying every Mexican dish I didn’t know to enter the country through its taste. I discovered an incredible amount of new spices for my semi-virgin palate, who couldn’t believe the result of mixing them with equally surprising ingredients. I tried broth, moles, mezcal, strange flavored water, breads different from my daily life soaked in almond chocolate with hot water, almost extinct atolls and other things that are very Mexican, just that they are not from here, ie to say for that they are from anywhere. you are not there. We hardly imbibe that extraordinary food as our own, as we are married to tacos and other things that are more recognized as representatives of this country, but they are also the fruit of our gastronomy and have their place. .

Mexican food attracts me not only because of its infinite number of qualities, but because it is the closest thing to us; Through its diversity it is very easy to compare us as a society. Moreover, it has the advantage that most of the conclusions we draw from it will be positive and can increase our national self-esteem. As countrymen we are different from North and South-East, we use adjectives with different levels of mischief, we wear more or less covered clothes but we are all Mexican, we all exist, even though we are each other Do not know That we have never set foot in Chihuahua territory does not mean that the Chihuahua is a myth. And how do I know? Well, because I ate burritos, the Chihuahua exists.

But not all countries have these culinary privileges, which somehow translate into similar social, contextual and historical privileges. There are many examples but I don’t want to go into details to care for the hearts of my foreign friends, who guard their arepa as the great symbol of nurturing identity. Note that I am not talking about arepas and nothing else. What I want to say is that we are in the endless number of fruits and vegetables we have, in the variety of cooking, in the number of spices we cook, in the countless different preparations of all kinds of meat.

We in Mexico are a combination of the history of all the types of food we put in our mouths and the reason for its existence. If we look at it that way and savor it by thinking about what we have on the table, we will feel proud to belong to a country like no other. We are what we eat, not the politicians who represent us and this is one of the best standards of measurement we must understand in order to demand a government that treats us with respect.

There’s always the possibility of losing what we have if we don’t know how to anticipate it, so it’s a good idea to start by appreciating your food in detail. And I end with a nostalgic phrase from the great chef who was the exiled writer Alicio Alberto, who could not return to his country for the courage to freely express his opinion: “Every day I eat my country on a plate Am.”

by Julen Ladron de Guevara
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