‘Mushrooms and Glaciers’ by Andrea Rodeso


I’ve been eating for two weeks mushroom Nonstop. It all started with pasta rowlons That a friend prepared for me at her home in the Pyrenees, when her husband returned from the mountain with a basket full of this little legged mushroom, which was highly valued in Catalonia. his goal was to find c e pies (I never called the mushroom by her name in Spanish, sorry), but it turns out that the place where “some friends of a friend of my mother-in-law’s” told her she would find it, wasn’t there. One. “I’m sure I’ve been cheated on,” she complained.

The next day he tried again, this time in the company of his children. As they went up the hill, they passed a couple Ticket who came down with two huge polyester baskets – the kind used for dirty clothes – completely filled c e pies, “Wow, can we take a picture of them?” His children said, taking out their cell phones. Boletaire was not very happy when they were photographed. And, of course, they weren’t given a solid clue as to where they got it all. c e pies,

That day, well, my friend’s family was left without mushrooms (they thought of doing Porcini Croquettes), but I, who was already back in maresme, had luck, because my father had prepared a sumptuous shrimp risotto and c e pies,

in our family, mushroom season holyAlthough we are paying more than what we pay to go to the market and get half a kilo c e pies, camouflage either as de rig,fly agaric caesarean section”, the prettiest of them all, with his beautiful orange hat and golden yellow interior. as de rig They’ve been starring in some delicious scrambled eggs for days now that my father prepares at Bain-Marie, and which practically melt in the mouth.

Beyond its gastronomic and nostalgic value – in autumn I remember my grandmother pointing her cane to the death trumpet hidden under the Holm oak in a Berlin restaurant, announcing the succulent delicacies Went. Pfeifferlinge ,rosinioles), I felt the joy when I found my first (and only, for the moment) CEP In a forest in the Benasque Valley with my friend Marta, from a thick and mysterious bowl mushroom soup Which I used to take to warm up at the University of London) – it turns out that mushrooms and fungi play a fundamental role in preserving the planet’s ecosystem.

“If we wiped out all mycological fungi on the planet, all trees would die,” he warned. Washington Post Thomas RowleyAmerican fungal biologist and blog author Fungus Facts Friday,

Rohl was among scientists who participated in an exploration of the Himalayas this summer to find out how climate change is affecting fungi and mushrooms in the Everest region, one of the least studied in mycological terms. Is.

The discovery helped identify about 150 different species of mushrooms and study how they could help improve the study of climate change in a region that is affected by the melting of ice caps that affect the rest of the world. is heating up 0.3 to 0.7 degrees faster in comparison. In addition to being an essential nutrient base for trees and plants and for indigenous populations in cold periods, fungal growth is thought to be related to annual snowfall levels, while lichens are indicative of melting glaciers. According to a 2019 report International Center for Integrated Mountain DevelopmentAn organization formed by eight countries in the Himalayan region that aims to guarantee a better future for the region’s population and environment, it is expected that at least a third of the glaciers, and possibly two thirds of them, will disappear. end of the century. Understand how mushrooms react to climate change Himalaya may help us find solutions, but documenting them all will take time.

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