Mourning in Mexican Wrestling: 47 . But Starman died


This Friday, September 23, after mourning the wrestling world world wrestling council (CMLL) will report the sensitive death of the famous masked man, ShaktimanHe had an outstanding career in the ring.

Organization through your Twitter account wrestling sent deep condolences To Starman’s family and friends. Furthermore, he recognized his great career within the sports industry.

The message shared on the social network reads, “CMLL joins in the grief that confiscates the family fighting for the sentient death of Starman, who had an outstanding career as part of this organization.”

Who is Starman?

Shaktiman He achieved much of his fame thanks to his undeniable prowess in the ring, but unfortunately injuries prevented him from continuing his career. His last appearance was in December 2017.

On that occasion, the fighter went into the ring to remove his mask from the Sign of the Sign at the historic Mexico Arena.

According to reports, Starman debuted in 1994 and throughout his career he was successful in winning many masks which enhanced his legacy in the industry. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained.

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