Most Scrapped (and Benefited) by Case in the Senate


While it is true that Alejandro Moreno agreed to join the president through Aidan Augusto López (who led the negotiations or submissions from start to finish), the actual plan of the two “Tabascanos from the Palace” (the same one called Alito Unaware and probably Alito himself Rubén Moreira), “promising him everything, and fulfilling only a quarter”.

And it is that there were still about twenty audio against Moreno, all of them with a release date via Leda Sansouras’ radio program, which (by the way) was never distributed or returned to Alito. , but was kept with lock and key “promise” not to go public.

Alejandro Moreno’s uncertainty is such that, whether he does it with conviction or not, he will have to continue working as a “moranista” from his office in rebellious tone. The governor’s demands were clear: promoting reform of the National Guard, and incidentally, conflict with the opposition coalition.

The central issue is that there are no guarantees for Alito in the National Palace (he knows he doesn’t have it, he never offered them to them). Campeche’s man could soon be left without allies in his party, without a project, and even without a diplomatic post like the other characters, as he was never part of the plan. .

Well-known sources tell me that audios against Alejandro Moreno are still set to be released in case the deal is not fulfilled, “because Alito serves him inside the PRI, and not outside”, which is why he sticks. I charge tooth and nail, because it is not useful anywhere else.

Yesterday, just after what happened in the Senate (where the opposition forced Murray and allies to withdraw the ruling to increase the military presence on the streets), the president asked Aidan Augusto López to lead the search for consensus. .

It was the head of the interior who assumed control of the negotiations, and who also sought to postpone the vote on opinion in an effort not to risk the “PRI” proposal backed by the federal executive. In fact, it was a request of the President to “fine clothes” in the Senate by Aidan Augusto López, not Ricardo Monreal.

While it is true that yesterday’s incident in the Senate strengthened the opposition, which once again reinvented itself as the “strong operative” of AMLO, it was his countryman who also had cleanup work, (to an extent) Claudia without losing his prospects for Sheinbaum and his own aspiration).

They say in the Palace that one of the biggest losers of the episode in the Upper House (where much remains to be decided) is Alejandro Moreno, as each point he loses strengthens Miguel Angel Osorio Chong. The other “scraping” before the appearance of the Secretary of the Interior is Ricardo Monreal.

In Buccarelli he continued (and will continue to) review the files, until he discovered what would motivate him to collect more votes to crystallize the reform of the National Guard. Will happen?

by Alejandro Aguirre Guerrero


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