Morality Police, the most dreaded corpse on the streets of Iran


a few years ago, with the previous Iranian government Hasan Ruhanithe importance of ethics police was about to shrink. its agents will lose the power to wait and ok, and they could only recommend and request, with changes in law. Nothing else.

But that law never came. spiritual, moderateThe Iranian state, led by the supreme leader, was torn apart by the most conservative and radical sector, Ayatollah Ali KhameneiAnd instead of Rouhani, the leader appointed another president, Ibrahim Raisi, an extreme conservative In form of.

As a result, this body became stronger. and since last year it has become a terror In big city, Arrest of women who do not wear veil from the way “Correct“They have multiplied.

right to bear arms

built after the conquest of Islamic Revolution of 1979Ethics Police (Patrol-e Ershadi or guide patrol) is in charge of ensuring that dress code Irani is right on the streets. The clerics who led that revolution in the same year, compulsory hijab For all the women of the country—although this obligation did not become a law until a few years later—.

And to be sure, this new norm, is much talked about and fought against urban women the new lord of the land Iran He created a new police force: Patrol-e Irshad.

Since then, their role has remained the same: to force people – men and women, but especially women – to adhere to the dress code imposed from above. to do this, morale patrol have the right to take up arms, to impose fines and to arrest the wearer.”wrong way“, although its main focus, of course, is compulsory islamic headscarf in women.

avoid it at all costs

“It would be rare to find an Iranian woman or a family that has no story, problem or conversation Ethics with the police. This shows how much they exist,” he explains in a statement. Tara Sephari Phariinternational NGO researchers see human rights,

Actually the fear of these guards is such that a few years ago phone app was created to detect checkpoints Police ethics. If someone is going to look for them along the way, you better look for one alternative route,

In 2019, however, the government twisted the loop a bit further. That year, the Ethics Police established its Arrest and “Re-education” Center for those detained. These centers became ordinary police stations, where detainees were attacked and “re-educated” in fine clothing. Islam rules,

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It was in one of these centers, Tehranwhere Young Mahsa Amini was beaten up Last week, according to his family. However, Iranian officials have assured that the young woman suffered heart attack, Amini came cerebral coma And he died three days later: last Friday, exactly a week ago.

After his death, Iran has exploded wave of mass demonstrations Those who previously cried out against the death of that young woman, but now they have gone too far: “Death to the dictator!“Shout now to the protesters, whose protests have turned violent. Iranian officials talk close about thirty dead,

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