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‘Mom, I killed him’: message from the girl who stabbed her brother to death



13 year old girl stabs her 5 year old brother

The first versions indicate that the girl suffered from mental problems.

The first versions indicate that the girl suffered from mental problems.

The girl had already submitted the episodes which caused panic in the family.

In Argentina, a girl allegedly stabbed her brother to death due to a “compulsive crisis”. It turned out that the girl had already sounded the alarm about her mental imbalance.

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The media publishes that the mental state of the girl was not treated in time. After committing the crime, the girl wrote a message to her mother that said: “Mom, I killed her.”

Arriving home, the father of the murdered boy saw the minor sitting on the chair and the body of his brother.

Before the crime, the girl presented signs that caused alarm. Once he unnecessarily ran away from school. When the incident happened on September 19, the mother present in the class left the minor while taking care of her 5-year-old brother.

The mother called her companion and told what had happened. The man arrived at his home in the Santa Rita neighborhood, Found more view, from the town of Arroyo Seco in Santa Fe de Argentina.

Forensic medicine agents verified the body and concluded that the child had 11 stab wounds on his back and neck.

According to various media, the untreated mental problems in the girl were not even diagnosed, although the mother tried to seek help from 2021, but got an appointment after four months.

Argentine justice sent the minor to a mental health hospital to determine his condition and verify that his case would be incompetent in view of the fact that he acted under “the possible existence of an underlying mental disorder in the mental structure”. was, as was reported. Provincial Department of Mental Health and the Provincial Directorate for the Promotion of the Rights of Children, Adolescents and the Family.

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