Moisés Fuentes: The exact moment the boxer received the knockout that led to his death


One of the country’s most famous boxers lost his life on November 24, 2022 after starring in a controversial fight in 2021 that would be kicked out after he was taken to the emergency room. David ‘The General’ Cuellarwho caused a deadly left hook”moai“The stunner was left, without imagining the consequences that it would bring to the Mexican idol, as it would be the last time he would step into the ring.

Later “General” Today executed a combination of two hooks to the face of the deceased and took advantage under guard supervision Moses Fuentes To hit his jaw and drop him, Chilango fell on his back, not even being able to tuck his hands in to cushion his impact from the floor, which caused the referee to stop the fight again. did not even count on him to attend and demanded his immediate medical help…

But seeing that the boxer in the capital did not react, he was requested to be transferred to a hospital near where the fight was taking place, thus to the Amerimed de Cancún hospital in Quintana Roo, where he underwent a CT scan. , who turns out to have clots in his brain.

Following this diagnosis, he underwent surgery and as his state of health was critical, a campaign was organized to search for blood and platelet donors; Where, among those attending, is Eddie Reynoso, trainer of the famous boxer, Saul ‘El Canelo’ AlvarezWho recently celebrated his daughter’s 15th birthday.

but in spite of the rehabilitations he went through Moses FuentesHis health was never the same again, until today, World Boxing Council (WBC) President Mauricio Suleiman officially stated that boxing’s star was about to rise in the sky of achievers.

“Thank God Moises Fuentes is already resting in peace. A warrior who fought until his last breath. Our condolences to his family and friends and to the QDEP’s support for this,” the WBC president said via his Twitter account. Recognition to his wife for her dedication and devotion with indescribable love during a difficult year.”

It was then that he began giving medical aid to Moisés Fuentes

It must be remembered that before their last and fatal fight in 2021, Moses Fuenteswas inactive for three years, his last confrontation in September 2018 against Nicaraguan Roman “Chocolatito” González, who knocked him out, leading to his inactivity.

Therefore, many speculated that Moises saw his clash with his compatriot as a way of hoping to redeem himself in the box, for which he did not want to throw in the towel, despite having been suggested several times during the first five rounds. , where he did not prove. be at the height of David ‘The General’ CuellarWhat was considered to be the youngest blood prom in the sport would lead to his death in the sixth round, after only two minutes, the tragic incident that occurred later that year.

Mexican boxer passed away at the age of 37

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