Moises Brogi, the new ‘University Hospital’ of the University of Barcelona


Moises Brogie Hospital Complex Has acquired the status of University Hospital of University of Barcelona (UB)Research Department and Universit de la . through the recognition of Generalitat of Catalunya.

This recognition is a quality sealSince achieving this compromises on meeting a whole range of requirements to opt for excellence, such as adequate infrastructure for the development of teaching and research or a minimum number of professors and doctors, the Center told this Friday. that it is a statement.

Presently, there are 38 professionals in the hospital campus who are entrusted with an Associate Professor contract University of Barcelona and a Permanent Professor (Associate Professor) who is Dr. Peter Closetdirector Teaching of the Comprehensive Health Association (CSI).

For doctors, Moisès Broggi Hospital Complex has 67 professional doctoral thesis and 12 doctoral students (thesis projects are in progress).

“With this recognition we have a qualitative leap very important because we have gone from being an associate hospital with the university, to being a university hospital, ie to be part of the university structureThere is an acceptance that very few centers have it”, highlights Closet.

530 UB Students

Currently, at Moisès Broggi Hospital Complex, more than 530 UB Students Each course: 322 from Medicine, 171 from Nursing and more than 30 from other faculties like Psychology, pharmacy and nutrition, social work and neuroscience.

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Moisès Broggi Hospital Complex (formed by Sant Joan Despi Hospital, General Hospital) L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and social health hospital l’hospital) operates as a single hub and comes under CSI, which is a majority owned public entity Catalan Health Servicemunicipalities of Saint Joan Despy and L’Hospitalet, Baix Llobregat Regional Council and the Red Cross.

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