Mobile health cards can be used in pharmacies in Catalonia next week


The government has chosen to make a purse (portfolio) called own digital Mewa Wallet For identity documents of Generalitat, instead of generating the same cards in wallet formats Present For years on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The new applications will premiere next Tuesday with the first of them being the Cataslat health card, which can be used at 3,200 Catalan pharmacies.

The digital health card, which complements the physical card (it does not replace it), cannot be used in health centers at this time, as only 40% of them are able to correctly read a document’s barcode on a mobile Huh. The Minister of Health, Josep María Argimón, has announced that he expects all centers under the administration of the Generalitat to be adapted next year and has observed that, “with the passage of time, the mobile will become our main tool”, hence the health card. Must be one of the first cards to be available for this personal device.

‘La Meva Portfolio’ is not an app, but a web app linked to a page of Generalitat, which works identically on each mobile operating system.

While adding the card to mobile, the government has ruled out using Purse Which are already present in most used mobile operating systems. Instead, you have created Mewa Wallet, a web app. This type of application displays on the phone’s desktop like the others and links to a page in Generalitat, which will actually store each user’s card and usage data. Ester Manzano, general director of Service Digital’s Eye Experiencia Ciutadan, explained that the reason for choosing the web app as the format is “multi-platform and it works seamlessly across any browser and operating system”.

Among the potential new cards that can be used in the La Meva portfolio are the large family – it will be next in October – T-Mobilitat, Carnet Jove, Library Cards and private entities that reach agreements with the Administration Catalan.

Puignaro explains that the ‘La Meva Portfolio’ is “a country project that involves making Catalonia a digital nation of the 21st century”.

The Vice President and Regional Minister for Digital Policies and the Region, Jordi Puignero, explained that the identity document portfolio of the Generalitat is “a country project that includes making Catalonia a digital nation of the 21st century”. It has not been clarified, however, if at some point the La Meva portfolio will one day be a common identity document.

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