Mobile apps are using the term ‘metaverse’ to attract new users: report


More than 552 applications have added the keyword “metaverse” in your description or titles to attract new users, a new report from app analytics firm Sensor Tower revealed. Metaverse is one of the most talked about terms in the tech industry, although it’s not a new idea. Science fiction writer Neal Stephenson coined the term in 1992 and the concept is commonplace among video game companies.

The rise of apps using the term metaverse comes after Facebook renowned himself to Meta last year. According to data shared by Sensor Tower, more than 86 apps added references to the metaverse to their title or description on the App Store and Google Play from November 2021 to January 2022. Obviously, the change is being made to capture the interest of consumers.

The report highlights that as soon as Facebook announced it would double down on the metaverse on October 28, 2021, the number of apps that updated their descriptions or titles to reference the metaverse grew 66% month over month.

The firm also analyzed whether apps mentioned the keywords “crypto,” “NFT,” “AR” (augmented reality), or “VR” (virtual reality). Crypto was seen as the most used phrase alongside metaverse: About 23 percent of metaverse apps also mentioned the term. ‘NFT’ was the second most mentioned term along with metaverse, accounting for 18 percent of the cohort studied. AR and VR accounted for 11 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

About 107 apps in the Game category added ‘metaverse’ as a keyword, accounting for about 19 percent of the apps studied. The second largest category where the term appeared was Finance, which represents 101 of the “metaverse” apps. It is followed by Social (70 apps), Entertainment (57 apps), Books (37 apps), Lifestyle (33 apps), Tools (26 apps), Business (25 apps), Art & Design (13 apps), and Education ( 11 applications). ).


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