Miss Raisa, Against Prejudice and Rain


Miss Raisa, the artistic nickname of Imane Raisali, brings a unique approach to hip hop, a genre that is still heavily dominated by themes of men and money and sexual adventure. Born in Tangier (Morocco) in 1996, but living in different cities of Barcelona (now Sabadell) since the age of eight, Raisali defended her rights as a woman or the virtues of her mixed culture in songs, which were self-evident. There are optimistic exercises in affirmation.

In her performance Friday at the Mole de la Fusta, the budding rapper spread good vibes in front of relatives (from her mother to her brother’s in-laws), her former physical education teacher, outspoken fans and a confident audience. accompanies other voices by talkative macarena (from Sweet Case), began with its most symbolic theme, ‘girl’In which she recalls how she was able to re-educate her closest circle and become a woman and a rapper and a Muslim.

There was a moment, yes, when the lyrics of the song changed momentarily: It’s Not Now, It Shouldn’t Be, “I Still Wear a Veil”, but “I don’t wear veils anymore”, a decision he has made recently to get rid of all the expectations that have been placed on him. As she explained, she no longer wants to represent anyone, but instead goes in search of what she likes about herself.

vocal elasticity

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Fighting against prejudices and impositions for a few years, stating their differences, the intermittent rain on Friday was no big obstacle for them. Nor to the spectators who chanted the chorus of ‘Otra Veg’ and held their attention to it, at least until the end of the first lines. traditional sound rap,

A preview of ‘Ciento’, ‘Epe’ ‘Ocho’, in which he will relive his childhood memories in Morocco, points to an evolution in his style in any case: the production is sharper and more contemporary; The vocal performance is almost more rhyming than rap. Macarena with her ‘Mariposas’ or . In That’s me (DJ and singer-songwriter, All-Terrain Man for the occasion) In his ‘Tierra o Cielo’, Raisali showed elasticity using his voice. enough, You can sing/rap whatever you want, And chances are that down the road he’ll keep throwing creative message, never destructiveInstead of burning the cultures, it is trying to build a bridge between them.

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